Wheel support is not on point (changing gears and brakes)

Yesterday I Iaunched the game with great excitement to try the wheel support for my logitech g27. Sadly I left a bit disappointed. Not for the FFB, this one is great you can feel understeer and everything else the car is doing. I’m more disappointed in the fact the wheel support looks like I’m playing with my Xbox one controller only it’s with a steering wheel and FFB. I like to play with a manual transmission on practically any car and that’s where things go bad. It doesn’t feel like a real car when I change gear and I grind every gear unless I take my time to do a good gear change. The problem is that you cannot change gears fast, you have to depres gas pedal, press clutch, change gear, depress clutch and reapply gas. This leads to really long gear change and if not done in this exact order or if you want to do it faster, you will grind gears. In a real car, you can go out of gear and into neutral without using the clutch. Hell! you can even change gear without the clutch and some games allow it (Assetto Corsa and Dirt Rally) which makes for even faster gear change. What it feels like is the game is changing gears not really you. And because of this, heel toeing is impossible. It’s a strange feeling and hard to explain. Is this problem only on the g27? Also adding a brake gamma would be nice so that it can lead to a more realistic feeling. I don’t know if it’s my settings but the brake acts practically like an on/off switch.

The clutch in forza doesnt operate like a clutch in real life, its more of a difficulty setting. You dont have to lift off the throttle at all and i advise that you dont because youll lose speed, you wont sustain any damage doing it so just do it. As far as the grinding goes you have to mess around with the clutch deadzones a little to find your sweet spot, but honestly just try not loftung off the gas and it should be fine.

Yeah you are grinding gears probably because you are shifting before the game registers 100% clutch depression. Bring your outside deadzone back a bit.

I had to set my outside deadzone to around 80% for clutch and that stopped the gear grinding.

Is it something they can fix easily? I sure hope Horizon 3 will not be like this cause at the moment playing with the manual transmission is not as fun as I hoped it would be

You can fix it yourself, read my post above yours. Nothing wrong with the game, adjust your deadzones.

I meant a more realistic feel of the manual transmission. Like pulling out of gear without the clutch. Only that will lead to faster shifts. Clutchless shift with rev matching will be a more than welcomed addition to the feel too.