Wheel Support (FFB)

I would like to know if the wheel support has been improved as this will also be a PC release? Or is this going to be the same old Turn 10 with Controller is king but here is your wheel support but don’t expect much.

The E3 launch showed the trailer then a few minutes on stage 4 player Co-op, 2 were in PC and 2 were on Xbox ones. Of the PC players one was utilising a wireless Xbox controller and the other was sitting inside a racing chair rig using a 4K PC setup and a Logitech steering wheel setup, it looked like a G27. Now I can’t say how accurate the steering was (force feedback etc) but the fact that it was shown at all is a step in the right direction for this game on PC, in my opinion…

Apex has been shown with a wheel too but the public beta release does not support wheels. Given the snail pace for T10 to add wheel support to apex does not look good to me. I am afraid they will release Horizon 3 on PC without wheel support too, yes they may add it latter but how much latter this year or next? It does not seem wheel support is a priority with them and they do not seem to care about people with wheels.

I highly doubt they’ll release FH3 without wheel support.

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Pretty excited for this release and it will be very interesting. How about you guys? What will you be bringing to the table?

If the FFB is as good as it was in FM6 I won’t be complaining - was pretty happy with that. It could do with improvement of course but it was easy to read the road handling of a car which made it easy to drive. G920 here.

That’s surprising as sadly Horizon 2 has better FBB than FM6

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I feel the same. FM6 just didn’t feel as good as forza horizon 2 did from a drifting standpoint. Ive heard from many that this games FFB is more similar to that of FH2, so im happy about that

If this is true then I am disappointed. I was hoping that they would finally give us a proper wheel experience.

The real question is how many wheels will be supported on PC as can we mix up setups beween logitech thrust master and fanatec or are we just stuck with one full setup being full logitech thrustmaster or fanatec.

At the moment, only Xbox One compatible wheels will be supported.

Nothing else has been confirmed.

Figured, not that i do not mind. I’m just saving up for a full new rig to replace my g27 and i would like to add forza H3 to the list on other games i play to the list with a new setup.

Well the devs mentioned for FM6A, there will be support for a huge variety of wheels on PC. Both games use the same engine so i think, there will be a patch for FM6A before the release of FMH3.
The game is just tiny enhaced on the PC and i hope same counts for wheel support.

I for myself was hoping the past years that the FM franchise come to the PC. Now as a proud owner of an OSW Lenze DirectDrive Wheel, hydraulic HPP-PRX pedals and a Frex GP+ shifter, i really hope and looking forward for a support of hardware without a XID.

Great setup! currently saving up for a full Fanatec setup with a gt omega pro cockpit!

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I just hope I can use my G27. I don’t want to try to sell that and save up for a G920, even though it would allow me to then play F6 and Horizon 2 with a wheel, I’m already low on cash considering I’m trying to get a 1070 before the release

I know this is not really on-topic, but don’t see the point in starting another thread as it would fit in here as well.
Can anyone tell me if they had any experiences with wheels from Thrustmaster or Logitech? Which one would you prefer and why? I’m thinking of getting one and currently leaning towards the Logitech G920.

User experiences with wheels can be found in the Hardware discussion forum:

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Thanks for redirecting me!

I would also check out GTPlanet hardware forum too, lots of good info on there:Sim Racing Hardware | GTPlanet

Are we going to be forced into the low end thrustmaster and fanatic wheels that have to be XBOX compatible, or will Turn 10 Support Direct Drive wheels like the SimXperience Accuforce, and OSW wheels?