Wheel spins

I feel that wheelspins are something that should be a good payout or get you a good car, not emotes and clothes. ESPECIALLY Super Wheelspins!! i was so mad to get a super wheelspin and get 2 bracelets and a hat, that is ridiculous! emotes and clothes should be purchaseable, dont waste wheelspins for these items. some people dont even care about this garbage, thats not why we play a racing game, so i can get a gold bracelet or a stupid cowboy hat. PLEASE FIX WHEELSPINS!!


I gave up…tadaaa:


Well, the positive is: You can’t get duplicates of clothes or emotes or horns. Once you have them all, you will get nothing but cars and CR.


I have gotten multiple duplicates for clothes. Emotes and horns no, but I remember exactly that I got a golden blazer twice, and a plaid shirt twice.

I think wheelspins became a routine, reward you too much and too often.


I also got duplicates! :wink:

meanwhile it is “ok” for me, i use it for fun and with emotes you can really laugh about this.
like i said, i gave up
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Ok, let´s try…

I look like a travesty and my name is queen, thanks wheelspin ;-))

I have gotten duplicates of clothing items as well, which is really disappointing. I’m not going to wear one golden glitter cowboy hat, I really have no need for two.


Do people remember the threads complaining about getting $2k wheelspins?

This games throws wheelspins at you and when you get credits they seem decent amounts of credits.

I have stopped spinning when I get them and save them up instead. Spin 5 at a time and you may get something decent.

I would love to compare credits per hour of play here versus previous games. I suspect this game is quite generous.




Yes, I agree. More hard to find credits will be nicer, and allow for these items to appear in the Race Shop instead.

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i got lucky today, I got 10 super wheelspins after buying my castle and got 3 FE from them. still waiting for that Vulcan FE car though, that’s my white whale

This game is so generous. Aside from wheelspins, there are plenty of ways to make cash in this game aside from racing.

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With the 2 vip superspins we got on friday last week i got
3 FE cars including the vulcan in 1 spin and then 600k in the other…a 200 k and a 400k …and they threw in a pink hat as well

As you get further into the game, you get them less and less, cause they disappear from the wheel once you unlock them. Plus the game gives you so many wheel spins it’s not a huge issue, got well over 200 cars now, and have only brought 10-15


Not true. Have received duplicates.

im not sure if i have gotten the same ones twice or not, but i dont really find it to be a big issue. the way i look at it is like this: the wheel spin is a gamble…you might get a sweet lambo, or maybe 200k…or a pink skirt for your male character…thats gambling…sometimes you win, sometimes you get a pink skirt…

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I do agree with you in some respects as I find winning 3 items of clothing on a super spin a bit of a joke. However the game rewards you with so many spins you’re bound to win a decent CR or car fairly regularly.

I bought a super wheelspin from the forzathon shop and…

First 2 slots were legendary credits - 400,000 x 2 = 800,000.

Bought another one and got 3 clothing items. I actually found it hilarious lol

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You have to look at the spins as a whole and not just an individual spin. On the whole, you should come out with enough cars and credits to offset the emotes and clothes you get. I had a super wheelspin that gave me a Koenigsegg Agera, a Ferrari F12berlinetta and 400K credits. Needless to say, if my next few wheelspins gave me nothing … I still came out pretty well over all.