Wheel rotation adjustment

Please Please add wheel rotation to the settings if I move my g29 1 inch either direction its like ive turned a 90% corner I cannot understand why you wouldn’t have put the option for wheel users to adjust to 900 degrees ect I love the game but this is really irritating me now and making me not want to play it then i hear my friend has the steam version he can adjust via external software but I purchased through xbox so can’t use external software

Been asking for the wheel rotation settings to be added back in ( as in FH4 ) for months now. - No response. Need to be able to switch rotation for different race types ( used to use a much lower setting for drift events ) but no joy.

You can try fiddling with the Inner and Outer deadzones of the wheel and also the Steering Linearity to try and tighten up your steering, but I agree it would be nice to have a degrees of rotation added back in to keep it simple.

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Thanks - I’ll try that also.