Wheel Question

Before I buy this game can someone tell me if the Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base and CSL Elite pedals work with it on PC? I bought a Forza game before and could not get them to work.
Oh the wheel is the CSL steering wheel P1. Thanks for any help!

I have the same as that except I have the v2.5 wheel base. I expect it would work, but I’ve gone back to the controller. Even though the CSL P1 has all the Xbox buttons, there is no default support for it, so you have to do a custom mapping, and it’s very problematic. Rewind never worked properly for me, for example. It’s so much nicer to use a controller and have an input device that the game has actually been designed for, where all the buttons just work and do sensible things. And you have a more realistic driving feel with a controller because my guess is they designed the physics around it, then had to add fake difficulty on top to prevent a wheel being OP. So for many scenarios such as some cross country or dirt tracks with many vehicles, the wheel is just ridiculously hard to use, the car is so much more unstable and affected by the terrain. You might think a wheel would feel more like driving a car, but it doesn’t, a controller gives a feel that is closer to driving a real car. I spent a long time playing the game with a wheel, and it was fun for many cars and tracks, but overall I now feel the game is most enjoyable with a controller. Drifting is massively harder with a wheel, too.

Thanks man. As I suspected a no go then…

Really sad about going back to the controller and feeling better and being more enjoyable. I won’t play with a controller it does not feel like driving and for me is not enjoyable. good wheel set ups kind of should be OP compared to a controller, hell it’s what is actually in a car for crying out loud. I think I will never get to play a Forza game. And yes I never played driving games ever before wheels.

In that respect I agree with you, never played any driving game without wheel, even Gotham Project on X-Box…
I use Logitech G29 ever since TDU2, always cockpit view and manual shifting and pedals.
I find it very enjoyable in Forza3 and 4, despite not being able to eke out the fastest times possible, I still think it’s the only way to play driving games. ( not even mentioning drifting, have beaten every mandatory challenge so far though, eventually. )

My suggestion would be to download the Forza 4 Demo from the store and test the steering wheel before you purchase the full game, as far as I remember the options to map a steering wheel are the same in the demo.

my settings at the moment are a mixture of Logitech Profiler and game settings, giving a decent amount of driveability without compromising too much on the immersion/realism.