Wheel Paint problem

Hi guys.

First off i’d like to say how much i’m enjoying the new paint options for Wheels and Cars.

However, i’d like to address a problem, that i’ve found when painting the Agera RS stock wheels. When i go to paint the wheels using “Paint Group 1” on the right side, half the wheel is painted, as intended but on the left side, the whole wheel is painted and when i use “Paint Group 2”, only the right side wheels are painted and left are not painted at all?

Yes you are right. Unfortunately patch is glitched and need a fix. I dont know - they didnt check patch before relese it?

You are not alone. There are many people complaining about the rim painting system being very glitchy.
Hopefully they will release a patch to fix it.

Glad i’m not the only one. Clearly they didn’t test all Cars & Wheels before releasing the update.

Seems as though the Lamborghini Countach is glitched as well. “Paint Group 2” only the rear wheels change Colour.

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I think the GT 40 MK1 should have the wheel paint option but doesn’t! Can’t paint the Rim face orange and the outer lip polished! For obvious reasons!

Here i was, thinking i’ll make my Wheels look sweet…, notice the difference on both sides:

Clip 1

Clip 2

…here we are 9 months later…, trying to change my “Paint Group 2” of the Agera RS Wheels, like i wanted to before…, but still i can’t (because the Forza people who reads this cannot make a note of it, because who cares about Koenigsegg anyway)
…I’m Sorry, but from my experience with “Submit a Ticket”, it has never been helpful to me
…funny thing is, PG should be well aware of this by now