Wheel offset editing?

Does anyone know or has seen confirmed in the tuning or wheel sections if you can finally adjust the wheel offsets on the cars?

I’ve been waiting for that feature since Forza 2. I hate it when I put max tyre width on the muscle cars and the tyres are literally sitting so far into the well that the suspension is magically phasing through the tyre.

from what ive seen there’s nothing new this year besides a few new paints, they actually removed some wheels.

^ Yea I saw that too. I doubt we’ll be able to change offset and change colours of the lip other parts of the wheel like Midnight Club offered us.

Most likely NOT going to happen any time soon simply because of the way the manufacturers want their cars displayed. They don’t - for the most part - ever offer altered body shapes, like flared fenders or off-set wheels direct from the factory. Those are third-party add-on changes which the manufacturers will probably void any warranty on the owner’s guarantees if implemented, and it isn’t up to the developers of the game to furnish those parts or adjustments.

…recycling the same modifications system game after game with surprisingly less content than the previous is the standard.

Mmm hmm. BRB just setting neg camber to 90 degrees in tune setup.

Woo hover car!

it will never happen sadly, even though offset is a huge part in car customization and is very critical in performance and racing i doubt it’ll be implemented, even need for speed doesn’t have it yet. Forzas more interested in Forza Vista than customization and gameplay features this year.

Sad, but true. Do we really need Forzavista? I know I’d rather have more content. Although the new NFS does have offset and tire size, from what I’ve seen, but no manual transmission.