wheel issues


ok i have the “cheap” 458 wheel with no feedback but i am having major issues with the turning degrees.

I turn the wheel a tiny fraction and the car goes into full lock, i have dulled down sensitivity but it doesn’t matter one bit, hair pin corners, fast straights its all the same, only turning the wheel a tiny amount.

my degrees are set to 270 on the game without anyway to change it, if i could change it i could put it up and that surely would solve my problem.

i want to know why i can only turn my wheel a small amount to make any corner, on hairpins i should have to go to full lock, it makes driving with a wheel stupid and so much slower than with a controller, how can pcars a game with so many bugs get it right and forza 10 years in get it so wrong.

If there is any work arounds i’d be happy to know, ive tried adjusting deadzones, it makes it worse.

Turn 10 come on help me out.