Wheel has become virtually unplayable overnight.... I have no idea what happened

This is on PC, Not console -----
Last I remember the wheel operating perfectly I was playing FH4 last week (Season was Summer) and my game functioned so smoothly. I could drift perfectly, wheel felt tight and solid… I come on this week to play in Autumn and everything is different.

I have a Thrustmaster TMX. The wheel now feels “notchy”, that’s the best way I can put it.

  • When I drift, before it was one solid feeling - now it loses COMPLETE FFB and then returns only to jerk my wheel in one direction or another
  • Complete loss of feeling in the wheel when driving and as stated above - when it returns it makes my wheel jolt.
  • I tested drifting a round-a-bout and I have to turn the wheel harder than ever, it’s almost like when the car slides it loses more and more responsiveness. It was never like this before, no setting has been changed.
    I have tried turning everything up and everything down again.

At the SLIGHTEST setting of FFB it returns and I just cannot understand why this is happening!? I tried different USB ports, reinstalling drivers, trying another username on my PC to see if it was something independent of my gamer tag, looking through the settings on the Thrustmaster software, ect, ect.

I kid you not this problem arose overnight and I am just baffled.

At first I thought I was going crazy and maybe it was just the season, right? Perhaps Autumn is drier, the road has more traction and isn’t raining like spring or summer - but when I started a race in Spring and Summer to test this theory - it was still there.

I really have no idea what it is. Honestly, if I can’t figure it out I’ll conclude that maybe it’s a dying wheel. Maybe I can save money and get a G29 or something, I don’t know.

FH Update happened. You should log a ticket to ask if any update was related to PC controllers .

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Well the update may have reset your wheel settings somehow, if they got reset to defaults it’s worth taking a look in your advanced wheel settings in the game. Could be hardware, or did Logitech push new drivers out or that app they use for their controllers…?

I’ve been messing around with my Thrustmaster wheel lately. Raise your FFB sensitivity, FFB Understeer setting and reduce dampening to zero to see if you can get that feeling back. Good Luck.

My TMX has functioned flawlessly for a year now. On occasion the in-game TMX profile changes to TMX default (I think there are two) instead of my Custom config. Changing to my Custom profile always fixes the issue. I get this issue sometimes when the game updates, video drivers update, and sometimes after playing FH3.

I played the game with a wheel last night with no problems.

As above, I find it often changes from my custom profile to one of the default profiles and I have to go back in to manually change it. It seems more likely to do this if the wheel isn’t powered up early enough when I start the game.