Wheel graphic / design!

What happened with the X JDM CONCEPT GT5 WORK wheel ? Was the best looking wheel on all my cars and now the "center cap and bolts " just GREW UP like twice the size ! Looks unreal now and ugly :confounded: had to remove from all my builds … WEIRD i don’t understand :thinking:

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This is just a guess on my part, but I think they probably changed the model of this wheel to address the clipping of the wheel and wheel hub that occurs on some cars like the Sieera RX3.
As proof, this new model clearly has a shallower concave than the previous model.

But I agree with you. The new model is very ugly and looks like a copy wheel produced by a brand like ROTA.
What they should have done was not to fix this wheel, but to fix the wheel hub of the car where the clipping occurs.
Even they only fixed this wheel anyway, most of the rest of the wheels would have the same problem.