Wheel freaks out in dirt

I’m using a tx wheel and its completely impossible off-road. As soon as i go on any dirt my wheel becoomes useless and just starts shooting left to right and getting really stiff and has 0 control. Perfectly fine on the road and then the instant i go on dirt or off road and it just starts jerking left to right really fast like frantically and shooting all over and its really stiff and hard to use

It feels like its going to break my wheel like its so much stress on the wheel having to be super stiff and shoot left and right uncontrollably at the same time. It makes my rig shake and rattle so much its like unbearably loud and going to destroy my wheel and stand

No this cant be right. Just playing normally is going to destroy my wheel

that a bug that happen to me this week. on dirt champ. it was a bug for me anyhow. and am playing with controller