Wheel degrees & settings?

Hi all,
Sorry to open " a new post about wheel configs" XD
I feed this FH4 demo better to be played with wheel (I use g29 on pc) than FH3, but want to explore those settings that allow you to drive confortable…
Specially about degrees, I use 540… dos anybody goes up or down with this setting?

I have problems using handbrake with button, so…prefer to have low degrees in order to impulse every turn… dont know if shoul change other settings.

Can share your impresions¿?

I’m surprised that the wheel doesn’t have the e-brake available on the left indicator button on the wheel in all honesty. It defaults to that on mine but then again I don’t use a G29. As for steering, my RWA is limited to 270 degrees and on it’s highest sensitivity it matches the in-seat hands almost 1 to 1 so I’d suggest moving the rotation settings to something in the 250-270 range and see if that helps.

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Just give us handbrake support on Xbox.


Just played the demo and it does look stunning!

Having got my fanatec csw 2.5 set up perfect for FM7 I was hoping the settings would feel the same on Fh4. Unfortunately they don’t!

Ingame I have the settings exactly the same as FM7 including force feedback at 100. But the wheel feels so light which means I’m going to have to try different settings on the wheel itself! Very annoying! not sure why there is such a huge difference in feel?

They re-modeled part of the FFB

If you have Forza Horizon 3 try the settings you have for that game as a start and then adjust from there. It will probably not be perfect but it should give you a decent starting point.
Forza Motorsport 7 is more of a sim than Horizon is so FH3 should be closer than FM7 for a base setting to start with.

I have a thrust master tmx. Been using it FH3 and it feels great on that game. And it feels great on Motorsport 7. But while playing the demo I feel like the oversteer is too much. The car is spinning out of control waaay too much, and I feel like I’m bad. But when I play with my controller everything is fine. For example, coming out of the quarry on the spring showcase, I can go full throttle on the controller. If I do that with the wheel it will spin out of control. Or every time I run through mud/water with the wheel I just lose control. Any solutions?

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The demo isn’t the game and stuff in the demo doesn’t have the fixes, upgrades and tweaks that the main game does.

The controls are also different with a wheel and I know that sounds absurdly obvious but… The best way to put it is the game seems to dial the realism up a couple of clicks which is probably why you are having an issue coming out of the quarry.

With a controller there are more hidden assists to make driving easier. Basically all driving games that support controller and a wheel do this and it’s really for the best.

Try these from my TM TX
Normal Steering
All deadzones 0/100
Vibration - 85
ffb- 40
center spring - 5
damper - 18
ffb understeer - 60
ffb min force - 0
rotation - 540

Still a work in progress but I am liking it. Your mileage may vary of course

What settings are you using right now?

Same issue for me.

The issue is that the game only has 180 degree of rotation which is terrible for wheel control. Really hope they increase this before launch and have better wheel support in general.

i set rotation to ‘off’ and i think the game sets rotation angle per car? -feels great :>)

FYI everyone, FFB understeer setting is inverted, running it at 0 will make the wheel feel very limp, I run it at 100 personally but I also like to remove all the fake effect like vibration, spring and damper.

My settings are
Vibration 0
FFB scale 100
FFB understeer 50 (this setting is broken atm)
FFB minimum 100
Spring 0
Damper 0
Linearity 50
Sensitivity 50 (DOR 900)

This feels pretty decent to me apart from issues with FFB understeer, as user setting makes no difference and it changes on its own depending on the road your driving on. If you use spring and Damper settings it seems to mask this issue.

Set your wheel to maximum degrees of rotation and the game will match it to be 1-1 with in game movements. The biggest issue is that the game only has 180 degree of rotation which is mind boggling.

So this is mine so far:
Vibration 5
FFB Scale 50
FFB Understeer 0
FFB Minimum 70
Spring 0
Damper 110
Linerity 48
DOR: 900°

Can someone help me with settings for my wheel as its not responsive and is super delayed, I have a thrustmaster but any help would do it’s impossible to drive.

Thank you anyone that can help.

I am having the same problem in the demo with my thrustmaster 458 spider wheel.

I dunno, Forza games are always really bad with wheels. I’d stick to controller, personally.

I am guessing that you are having this problem in the demo?
Assuming so, this will probably be fixed when the full game releases tonight fingers crossed

Try running FFB minimum at 100 and see if it helps at all, this setting was inverted in the demo