Wheel Degree of rotation?

Hi I have been using my t300 wheel and pedal set. In car view I noticed I can only turn steering wheel of any car only 90 degrees left or right.
Shouldn’t I be able to rotate to what my wheel is set at? For example I have my t300 set at 900 DOR.
This is done on xbox one s by the way.

Other than sims. Does any game have animations that goes over 90°. Even GT Sport if I’m not mistaken. Just curious.
But you are right. 90° make sense only when using a controller or keyboard.

I think that even GT sport updated theirs recently, leaving only Forza as the flagship title without animations being over 90° of rotation.

I believe they have mentioned this somewhere in the wheel FAQs - they brought in the dashboard view as a solution, so you wouldn’t be put off by the drivers hands not mirroring your inputs.

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thanks, so how can i verify my DOF? also im having hard time w tuning my ffb
t300 and t3pa set . when i turn left or right the ffb pulls to the other direction, and vice versa. on Asseto corsa or other sims it does not do this. how can i fix this? thanks

i inverted ffb in game and feels normal. thanks