Wheel Compatibility; A Message to T10 & Microsoft. (Please Read)

This is a thread focused on a key feature that, if or when implemented, will improve Forza for many people.

It’s a sore subject, for both T10, Microsoft, and the customer, but it needs to be brought up to solidify this issue. This garbage needs to get fixed.

I have two wheels. A Fanatec CSR FM4 wheel that I bought new for $600+, and a G27. The fact that T10 & Microsoft do not support their own commissioned product is extremely poor. The fact that the CSR, a commissioned piece of hardware that was built for Forza 4, is now rendered redundant on Xbox One only two years after release, is ridiculous. A whole 1/5th of this wheel’s possible market was thrown away because of it. To add insult to injury, two entirely new wheels were commissioned for the Xbox One upon release, both are inferior in design, features, and compatibility - and they cost more! One is a marketing coo for a major car manufacturer that costs an arm and a leg, and the other doesn’t have a clutch, or an H-pattern shifter.

I understand that most of the blame lies with Microsoft, but the lesser of all evils is still an evil. T10; you have a huge amount of say in Microsoft’s decisions, and the fact that you didn’t push for the compatibility of a two year old wheel that you commissioned and still make money off of licensing, is an extremely poor business motto, and will not win both T10 and Microsoft any favors. There are a lot of people are holding out on the Xbox One because of the lack of compatibility, and I believe that those that purchased the wheel deserve the compatibility. After all, the wheel (upon release) cost almost the same as the XB1, and for those that bought the CSR Elite wheel, it cost more.

The fact that your main competition supports the wheel that you commissioned for both their 7th and 8th gen consoles says a lot about this.

I’ve been vocal about my distaste for the lack of compatibility everywhere, practically since launch of the the game and console. I spent nearly as much money on the CSR as I did on my Xbox One, and the lack of compatibility is upsetting, and needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

Also; compatibility for the G27 needs to be implemented. I do realize that this request is a stretch, as Logitech has a very close relationship with the competition, but opening this door will bring in a new and very large fanbase to the series. The G27 is one of the best-selling wheels of all time, it is also one of the most reliable, simple, and one of the most feature-filled. That fanbase that owns the G27 will migrate, if given the chance. Anyone who owns a wheel generally doesn’t pick sides in racing titles, otherwise they wouldn’t have sprung $200+ for a wheel.

I have a request to make of the readers. If someone knows how to start a petition to get this feature added, can you please start one and post the link in this thread? I’m done waiting for something to happen because nothing seems to be happening.

Lets make Forza better.


You can thank Fanatec and their “Auto-clutch” which gave a unfair advantage over other wheels to help sales. They did this without permission so good luck with them ever being supported again.

I own the FM4 CSR and the TX is better in every way , especial when you add gte rim and t500 pedals!

1.The ACL disfavour claim is unsubstantiated speculation which is apparently now being circulated as fact.
2. Fanatec introduced ACL in response to user agitation and complaint regarding the inequality between pad and wheel users.
3. Thrustmaster have introduced exacty the same ACL feature for their TX.
4. There is no comparison between the price points for the CSR and the setup you are running.
5. The TX shipped with stock rim and pedals is not superior in any way to the Fanatec product.
6. The TX wheel is less well supported in-game, and has far less adjustability/customisability.
7. The TX wheel is afflicted with a very high failure rate.

The response all sounds a bit like aggressive purchase justification to me.


re LOGITECH wheels:

Logitech wheels use HID for input. The xbox 360 and one use XID.

XID devices can work with both HID and XID

HID devices only work with HID.

Thats why no logitech. Not cause they favour the PS.

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I take it as fact since Worm is whom I obtained the info from!

the csr works with the ps4 so you could always sell it!

Does the CSR work with the PS4? On what game?

Any supported racing game. Gran Turismo, the PS4 port of Project C.A.R.S, Drive Club. Anything that supports a wheel peripheral.

I sometimes wonder from whence Worm got that wee nugget of info… Turn 10?.. Fanatec themselves?

… or somewhere else?

More than one place…

I’ve never said it was a fact, I said it was removed from their supported list at around the same time as the firmware for the older wheels was released. You drew your own conclusions which is why I hardly post on the subject anymore. The CSR-Elite had licensing for the auto-clutch. It’s all about licensing, nothing to do with having it or not if it were the case which I think it was.

If the Thrustmaster were as good or better, in fact if it were anywhere close then I wouldn’t be playing Forza on a controller right now. I’ve used it and it has nearly the same pedals as my MS wheel had, the diameter of the wheel is the same, it has more buttons and plastic on it, and it is a little stronger. I’ve also seen far too many people on various forums with major problems on it. I am currently in the process of building a PC and was so underwhelmed by the TX that I am probably not going to get a T500 and go with a CSW. I vowed to never go back to Fanatec but I simply see no better option as it’s easier to work on and mod than the T500. I had so many problems with all my Fanatec wheels it was unreal yet here I am probably going back.

It isn’t better.


M y tx wheel was $340 plus the GTE add on $120 +
125 for t500rs Pedals never used with a total of $585 so I guess it was expensive but it also works on a PC!

But sooner or later you will have a problem with the tx, The CSR you push on the XBOX button and the console and game starts, But not the TX, you have to do the tx dance, turn on the console plug in the power cord plug the in the USB, and this is better? Please turn 10 Help us out.

Negatory sir…


The Xbox one is pretty much a pc, there is no reason why the HID support couldn’t be added , then it would just be a matter of adding the drivers for different wheels.
(Then it would still be up to the game devs. to add support for the wheels they want)

I don’t get why people started claiming fanatec ruined there relationship with MS regarding the ACL feature, when TM has now added the same feature. It’s doesn’t give any unfair advantages, it doesn’t make your car magically faster. In fact for mast race cars it makes it a little more realistic as you don’t have to press the clutch to change gear even in road cars with paddle gears, something that forza still doesn’t simulate.


The tx is programmed so that manual with stick is still quicker ( they claim) Fanatecs auto clutch made it so that autoclutch was the quickest way around the track!

Wrong again. Having used it, the implementation of ACL on the Thrustmster wheel is quicker than using a manually operated clutch. No question about it. The shifts are instantaneous and seamless.

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NO YOU ARE WRONG Fanatec cheated and you know nada

• The Auto-Clutch feature is only compatible with games in which the Clutch is
allocated to button A (e.g. Forza Motorsport).
• Once this feature is activated, the automatic clutch is DIGITAL and is no longer
PROGRESSIVE, like a real-life clutch pedal would be; this option is therefore less
efficient than a 3-pedal pedal set.


Both gated and sequential stick shifters are slower than paddle shifting. Clutch pedals are slower than mashing the A button. It has always been that way in Forza, and it always will be. The Thrustmaster implementation of ACL electronically engages shift and clutch button actions simultaneously. It simply is not possible to shift faster in the game - with either wheel or gamepad, or lose less time on the track in the process. I’m not singling you out Jaredo, but if you persist in posting inaccurate and misleading information you can only expect disagreement from others.


Forza’s programming is the reason that manual with a clutch is faster than any of the automated manuals in the game. This is because Forza does not simulate the actual transmissions in any of the cars in the game. All transmissions in Forza are generic, and exploitable. If properly executed, a Manual with clutch, even with an Auto-Clutch should be slower than any real sequential. But all transmissions in Forza are manuals with different assistance options.

It’s why a 458 with a sequential paddle shifted transmisson, can be out shifted by an Audi R8 running a manual; in the game.

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