Whats your fav thing about fm6

I see alot of people moaning about the game and what its missing and i am one of them but there are alot of strong points for the game like visuals and the cars handling etc and how much difference a tune can make to a car …but my fav thing is defo the tracks i really like the track selection for it other than rio the rest are all great to race on !


Got to admit I enjoy the tracks too. There is a good selection.

My favourite thing about this game is how much it has got me back into racing on Forza. I haven’t spent this much time on a Forza game since the 1st iteration. 3 & 4 were really good games but at the time I was playing more COD as I was in a clan doing league games. I am sick of COD and really enjoying getting home from work and doing a few races. Sure, there are things that can be improved but overall I rate this as a decent game.


Forzavista. I love looking at the details.


ForzaVista for me as well, it’s the one thing that makes this game really unique and what no other racing game has. And it’s a great feature as a car enthusiast.

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So far its graphics. I got spun coming over a hill on Nordschleif and was left bass ackwards on the track. A car came over the hill and I reflexively threw my arms up over my face as it crashed into me. Felt silly afterwards but was impressed by the immersion in the game.

Other than that I’d say the little tweeks like the improvements in the damage simulator. The addition of the different ways to play it and getting points and cash for free racing though the economy is pretty liberal so even a casual player can rack up earnings pretty fast.
Overall I’d say its a huge improvement over Fm4 but still lacks certain features I want and hope to see in the next version.


I like 24 player Hoppers.

Yes they cause issues with more bottlenecks, wreckers and all sorts going on, but having more people to battle against can be fun despite these issues. When you do get a clean room (very rare), the racing can be very good indeed.


graphics,endurance/showcase events,track selection and the dozens of new cars on Forza…


The addition of the leagues, I’ve had some of the best racing ever in there and I hate to say that I’ve also had some of the worst! The good outweighs the bad though.

24 player lobbies are good too, as long as the majority are clean.


It’s easy to choose when there’s only one: Forzavista.

I can’t enjoy multiplayer in public lobbies because:

  1. there are many connectivity issues
  2. for the time I’m playing, wreckers are never kicked (it takes 50% of the votes)
  3. there are too many noobs
  4. voice chat is definitely broken

Private lobbies? It’s boring with only 2 or 3 players

Offline mode? I just don’t care.

T10 got rid of so many tracks, so many cars and the storefront.

It’s just sad the days of Forza 4 are gone.

I like FM6 because it’s not so realistic and frustrating like iRacing, but at the same time it’s not too “arcade like”. I travel a lot and don’t have the time to put into iRacing, plus I raced karts and Formula Ford 2000 when I was younger, so I’ve done that. With 1/8 the effort you’d put into frustrating yourself with iRacing you can just pop Forza on and have fun. I’ve noticed a lot of people nitpicking and b*tching about FM6 and I find most of their gripes unfounded.

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Obviously the graphics are top notch. Coming from FM4 and FH2 (on Xbox One), FM6 is so much prettier!

Night racing is tough and miles better than it was in Horizon, and rain racing is white knuckle! I am simultaneously excited and terrified when a rain race pops up :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree the track selection is fantastic. My old favorite Sonoma is back (yay!), and new additions like Lime Rock, Watkins Glenn, and the new Rio are fantastic. VIR is a great track for the lower class cars, tracks with giant straights that are no fun when you top out around 100 mph :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I’m in minority here, but I love the music (both menu and in-race)!

Career was a pretty big let down, but at least we still have Split Screen free play. Not many games do that anymore, which is really sad.

This is the Forza that finally prompted me to buy a wheel setup, so they must be doing something right.

I love the diversity of cars. With about 550 cars at my disposal of all kinds i just like each one of them. Example i have a 975hp volvo 123 that i have running against and beating cars like the srt viper, mclaren 650, enzo, and porsche 911 gt2…around the tracks! Its very fast on straights. Just being able to take something slow or old and race it against new beasts is cool. Track selection is also the next best thing followed by the more improved AI. I usually race between expert and pro and the AI gives me a hell of a time especially at pro and occasionally unbeatable.

I find it funny how many people say track selection, yet its xbox competitor actually has more.

Either way, the best thing even tho i dont use it has to be paint mode, no other game has anything like it really.


My Favorite thing about FM6? Hrmmmmm…finding that “unicorn lobby” where there’s no crashing and everyone survives the 1st corner LOL


Drifting and the Paint shop!

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Now if we can get some more ovals with internal road courses that would be fantastic. I like running ovals to break up the road courses every once in a while.


Leagues are my favorite part. I spend most of my time online and like racing against people from all over the world.


For me, it has to be Leagues. I didn’t spend much time in multiplayer in the past, because I didn’t feel I was good enough. With the Leagues, I started out just trying to get in clean laps and avoid the crashes. Eventually, I began to creep up through the field, or was placed in the front due to clean laps, and I started reaching podiums. So leagues got me into multiplayer (finally), and I am enjoying that for the first time.
I like the 24 player lobbies too. I was initially frustrated with all the crashes, but it made me more aware of my own driving, and a better driver.

The cars and tracks are awesome too.


Do we have to pick just one? That’s going to be Hard. I would have to say Nurburgring long. That track is just amazing. And such a challenge too. Even though I go there once in a while, I would like to touch it once. Bucket list maybe?


I just like the fact that I can see a really cool car driving around in real life or even online then having the ability more often than not to take it for a spin in Forza, its my favourite thing to do in the game