What's wrong with the AMG GTR sound?

I’ve seen tons of videos showing the AMG GTR and I was very excited as the December pack came out. But when I took the AMG GTR for a drive, I was immediately disappointed by the sound. Actually, the C63 coupe sounds way better in Forza than the AMG GTR.

I don’t think its just me, heard something similar from one of my friends.

Here are some videos showing the real one:
Video 1
Video 2

Notice the crackles in the videos and now compare that to the sound they gave it in Horizon 3. The AMG GTR just drove the Nurburgring in 7:10.6 Minutes. Its a beast, it deserves better sound :'D

Please Turn10, fix the sound!

They basically took the sound of the GT-S and added some bass, that’s it.

Very underwhelming as the sound of the titanium exhaust is one of the main features of the car.

But it’s not the only and not the last one that is wrong


The sounds used in game may need some treble infusion, but for the most part is sounds exactly as the real think.

I thought it sounded pretty great. Should it sound even better? Neat!

I think it sounds perfect.

Edit: You should rather be annoyed at the performance thanks to the skewed PI System this game has. The GT R has far too much Handling to be competitive in S1.

Criticise something that is terribly broken in this game, not something that is actually brilliant.

Its definitely not “perfect”. Its way louder, has crackles and has much more bass to it in real world. Watch the videos I posted and compare it to the in-game sound.

“Wow” One of the videos is an upclose one and the other more like a trailer. I remember hearing the GT R at the 24H Spa, AMG took possible customers for a ride, and trust me, as much as AMG manages to make the M178 sound like a M159, this engine is nowhere near as loud as naturally aspirated engines.

Thats a good joke :smiley: The AMG GT S is already ripping the SVR around tracks apart

It would be an interesting drag race competition though

Even that is already anwered. Just watch Motor Trends Best Drivers Car test they do every year. They always make a “Greatest Drag Race” video with all particpants and even there, the AMG GT S won over the SVR.

The sound is actually accurate, they’ve just forgotten the crackles. Hope they’ll add it very soon, but meh … It’s been 3 months they didn’t fix other sounds issues, so …

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I noticed the same thing when I did a side by side comparison on YouTube. It sounds awful in the game.


one more vote for, I like the sound…

now the v12 sound, that one is sort of annoying at the rev limit.

Speaking of said car, i hope they add its main competitor at some point, the Jaguar f type SVR and that too deserves the right exhaust note.

I’ve posted about this a few months ago when the AMG GT R was released to FH3.
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I was amazed by the fact, the car made it to the game, but disappointed as I took it for a drive. Now - approximately 5 months later - nothing has changed. Still the sound that is almost identical to what we have in the GT S.

It’s very frustrating, that a car that set a record at the Nurburgring, hasn’t a correct sound.

Here’s a new video, showing the real sound of the GT R.
THIS is how it SHOULD be! (Watch fully)

AMG GT R Sound

Notice the crackles, the volume, the agressivness of the sound.

Would be happy to finally see some improvements T10!

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Right - they actually used the same sound from the SLS AMG for FM6 for the AMG GTR in Horizon 3. The SLS AMG in H3 has an updated sound - the exact same sound as the Alpha Romeo Competizione.

There have been tones of threads on the Hellcat’s sound inaccuracies both in the F6 and H3 forums. Most likely, whats gets messed up remains messed up. Ironically, however, they were quick to resolve the GT350 sound issue in F6 early on due to their prized partnership with Ford.

They will really axe themselves if FM7 releases with this many bugs and/or inconsistencies.


Not too concerned with the GT-S…But what really shrimps my grits is that the Hellcats still dont have their signature SC whine. This was Broken in FM6 and is still broken in Horizon. Jeeez Louise, how many updates/releases until this gets fixed???