What's wrong with Forza Vista?

Or why didn’t Turn 10 let us take a gander under the hoods of more cars. The cars that I’m referring to, are those that have made a significant impact on the auto industry. Not being able to see the engine takes away from the whole immersion aspect.

Time and resources, my friend.
I’m so glad that T10 didn’t spent anymore unnecessary time on this “gimmick” feature, especially when this game allows car modifications. In other word, a fully modeled “stock” engine bay will absolutely ruin my experience when my car is actually fully modified. Honestly, imagine what the game would have become at launch if T10 decided to give full experience of autovista on every car they made? Probably less than 100 cars at launch? and ask you to pay more for DLC cars that existed in past Forza i guess?

Since Autovista is related to graphics, so I will say this:
"Graphic is only an enhancement to part of the experience, but graphic alone doesn’t make a game good."

the answer is - time constraints.

It probably took a long time to model the exteriors and interiors with the level of detail they’ve reached. The engine and engine compartment would significantly increase development time and turn 10 had a deadline to meet.

But most people here complain about other missing features like auction house, storefront, significantly smaller car and track counts and then point to ForzaVista and ask why Turn 10 wasted time on this feature at all. Everyone has their own priorities.

Edit - Shikeri Kaizer beat me to it. Sorry for repeating the same thing.

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In some cases they may not have been able to find a suitable car to model (nice exterior that was stock, but a rubbish engine bay) - or may not have beeen able to find one with a stock engine bay.

You will notice that once you change the engine in any car the bonnet is also locked - even if it was viewable when stock.

It’s a great thing that the auction house is gone the only reason I ever used the feature was to off load cars for little to no profit. Storefront I will miss a little more for it’s ease of use. If people are that desperate for credits run laps in rivals and race. Help me to understand something. When I first started this game, I was gifted a lot of credits and there were a lot of free cars in the showroom. So why do you still need auction house.

The auction house is great for painter who made the super rare “one-off” or “limited edition” paint jobs. This is all about “exclusiveness”. From what I know, lots of anime car designs were like that, anime otaku can’t resist words like “limited edition” and will spend everything they’ve got for just that reason, they’re just as desirable as the unicorn cars. Also, since FM2 only has auction house, so it’s not hard to understand why they’re more used to this.

I don’t regularly used the auction house, but I did put a few “one-off” designs there long ago and it was quite a memorable experience for me, because people actually made bids for my work! It’s not all about credits (I doubt any anime car painters were short of credits anyways…), it’s about the satisfactions from knowing people care about our stuff, this is the same for buyers, do you know how exciting bidding can be? The feeling of winning a super rare stuff is incomparable!

You earned crazy amount of credits in auction house, and then spend them for the super rare stuff. This is how it works, and it’s a never ending cycle!

Another thing is…back in Fm3-4 days, lots of anime car painters i know who used the storefront suffers the “illegally unlocked designs” issue, and ended up ceasing all their sales in the storefront and only use the auction house to kept things within a small community of their own (Also, you don’t get a design file from buying cars from auction house, extra security). It was a really bitter event for both these painters and those who like their work, but it also proved that auction house is needed, it’s a great “option” when you don’t want to be “stood out”.

Though as I said, my experience in the auction house is little, I’ll leave it to those who used it daily to explain the rest, but I like the auction house!

Wait a minute…this is completely off topic!!

Needless to say that it is a “Racing Sim” for people who are into cars and like to race. Just saying, for lack of what was novel about previous installments in the franchise. All the novel fluff is best suited for the Horizon titles.

I disagree. I think that Forzavista suits the Motorsport series well, as it provides a little bit of contrast. It’s also an excellent break from racing and it gives you the chance to walk around and interact with vehicles that you won’t find elsewhere. I haven’t seen any of the Indycar vehicles available in Horizon before…


I’m not saying vista is fluff. I was saying that auction house and store front are fluff. Vista adds to the immersion for me.

That’s my fault - I read the title of the thread and your post and assumed we were still on the subject. At least I got us back onto the topic at hand. But then I’ve just distracted us…


For me, BOTH Autovista and the storefront/auction house added to the overall experience. For a great deal of us, that “experience” extends way beyond just driving on a track. Our love of cars, driving and the automotive industry come together and form a greater “art” that we appreciate. Millions around the world see cars not just as utilitarian vehicles, but as art. Autovista is just one way to view these works of art in a more in-depth manner. So are the modes of the game that let consumers paint, decorate, photograph and customize their automobiles. It’s all about enjoying the art we love and using Forza 5 as both a medium to view and as a tool for creativity.

One person’s “fluff” is another person’s entire reason for putting the disc in the console in the first place.

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“One person’s “fluff” is another person’s entire reason for putting the disc in the console in the first place.”
Well said my friend, I wouldn’t even be here if all the “fluff” paint designs sharing system he mentioned like the storefront, sharefront and auction house are completely gone.

At least starting from Forza 2, Forza is already known as a heavily community focus racing game, and the evolution to 3 and 4 proved just that. Player share their tunes, designs, photos, etc, these are what made Forza completely different and stood out. Racing and other single player related features alone are never really a strong point of Forza, there are much better options out there if you solely look for that.

About the Forzavista, I totally understand why people loves it, i mean, who doesn’t like to interact with their dream car? However, it’s a small little detail that requires enormous amount of work to make it. If they need to sacrifice time and money that original go for stuff that made the game strong for something isn’t as essential, then it’s a bad decision from the design team. It would be fantastic if they improved Forzavista while at the same time, kept everything else strong and intact, then I’ll have absolute no complain about the Forzavista.

Though, I always find Forzavista / Autovista more suitable for game like Gran Turismo, it’s what they should be strong at lol.

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Am I the only person that actually likes ForzaVista or something? How can you not enjoy walking around an insanely detailed car model and messing around with its various bits and pieces? More and more it just seems like almost none of the people that play Forza are car enthusiasts, just wannabe racecar drivers…

Oh, and Forza Motorsport is no longer meaning to be a racing simulator, it’s a “car game” now. It’s now aimed more towards car enthusiasts than the hardcore racing sim player. Anyone who actually takes their virtual racing seriously shouldn’t be playing a console game in the first place, the real racing simulators are on PC.


No you are not the only one. I love ForzaVista. Autovista in FM4 was okay but I love that you can now view every car in the game - with liveries! And being able to walk around and open doors, get in and start the engine, get some background and history on the cars and take pictures is a great addition for car enthusiasts. But with that said I would immediately give it up for day/night transitions, dynamic weather, animated pitstops, and more purpose built race cars and tracks! I buy racing games primary for “realistic” online endurance racing and these features would rank higher for me. But I prefer to keep AutoVista for Forza 6 and have these racing features added :slight_smile: (and add back the auctions house and store front while your at it)

I disagree here. I have no interest in getting back into PC gaming and dealing with the never ending process of video card and memory upgrades. I’m more of a sim player myself and if Forza Motorsports continues to fail to add racing features and racing cars, I’m happy to stick with the Project Cars franchise who seem to be catering to the sim crowd. Its really up to Turn 10. I think they’ve done a decent job balancing the series to appease the sim type racers as well as the more casual car enthusiast. I hope they can add the features I “demand” and continue to satisfy all types of gamers.

I like it, but if those resources or time making the details could have been used to fix bugs or whatever then that would have been nice. Also alot of the voice stuff is the same, I would have preferred the Top Gear guys doing it.

I do not think that Forzavista made an impact on the series, either for the better or for the worse. Sure, it might only be something niche that Forza has to offer, but it allows us to see every car in high detail. I thought Gran Turismo 6’s Photo Travel should have been like that. GT5’s was okay because you could only enter Photo Travel in one-fifths of the cars (the PS3 quality ones).

Also, in a recent article (courtesy of GameSpot), I heard that developers can now use seven of the eight cores that the Xbox One has, which could mean more cars & with Forzavista, more tracks, night/weather racing, grid expansion, return of the auction house/storefront (but beware of hackers for the last two mentioned)/custom public lobbies/etc. for Forza 6.

I did not think that Forza 5 was rushed; I just thought it didn’t meet the Xbox One’s full potential, considering it was a launch game.

A better detailed history about an individual car from the narrator and not the same generic spiel for all Fords for example. Like the race cars, a little history on how well it did during it’s life