What's with running your team mates off the road

This is the exact reason I neve join a convey in games like this. So I’m trying to get my seasonal group races, that you have to do, out of the way.
So far every time I start all that happens is my own team mates pin me to the wall repeatedly. We are not racing each other people. We are supposedly on the same team working together. So what is the point of this. Did the people that already earned there cars just decided to make sure no one else will get theirs. Because that’s the only thing that would make sense for your own team to do this. And no it’s not accidental like I originally thought. Because this has been multiple races. Different players. And they will even turn around and come the wrong direction down the track and slam you.

Honestly this is just absolutely ridiculous. Thanks a lot for ruining the game for others. All these races need to be eligible for solo play.


This is one of the main reasons I do not play the multiplayer portion of this game.

Some people just like to cause trouble. You either need decent mates to complete the multiplayer challenges or you need to do them early in the week.

As the multiplayer is often toxic, once players have completed it then there is no incentive to replay hence by the end of each game week is mostly griefers and players who are still trying to complete but struggle against the drivertars.


I remember last week in the co-op races against unbeatable drivatars, one of my team mates very deliberately made a concerted effort to ram me well off the track and make sure I couldn’t pass him. Even though we’re on the same team. I hadn’t given him any reason to have animosity towards me because in the previous races in the event we’d won handily and had a big lead. I can only think that he didn’t like me being so much quicker than him (through hurt pride or ego presumably, because we’re on the same side), OR, he was sufficiently stupid that he didn’t understand how the event works, and that he was harming not just my but also his own chances of winning.

We ended up winning the event due to me and another player, and the toxic player did poorly throughout, yet he still won the same as we did. We deserved to win. He did not. I don’t enjoy helping people like that win things. (I don’t mind lower skilled players who try their best, I’m talking about players with a bad attitude - why should they be rewarded?)


The problem you describe is the exact reason you should ALWAYS JOIN AS A CONVOY. If you play with your friends and people you know with skills to beat unbeatable drivatars that is an easy win 100% of the time. Other than that, if you are content on just queuing up with a bunch of randoms, see my previous post regarding trial events (at least you are attempting the event at the right time of the week, it will only get worse as the week progresses):

Some people do it on purpose, but a little lag and people that follow the driving line like a religion are usually the problem for me. Sometimes all it takes is an AI to warp into your bum in a turn and its over for the guy on the outside.