What's up with the Subaru WRX 05?

So I’ve been using this car for a while and I can’t stop using it. At S1 this car literally reigns supreme. The GT-TR is top tier as well but the Subaru easily beats it offroad. It can beat F50’s in the streets. So not only is it one of the best handling cars, it’s versatile. I know it’s a good car in real life but there’s just some limitations to it right? I know on a straight away it falls short but that’s only one flaw with it.

I get top 200 on leaderboards and that’s with runs using just manual with TCS and STP on… even on runs where I hit walls I’m still top 500. Which is awesome cause I’m a Forza-noob. So is this usually a good car in other games? I want to try other cars but when I do I just say “I can beat that with my WRX” and I do every time lol.

It’s one of the “naturally good” cars. Fast and handles well out of the box. There are plenty of cars that can beat it like a drum though. You will find plenty of other “naturally good” cars especially once you learn how to tune well to your personal driving style. But bottom line is some cars are just real good without much work and this is one of them. Some cars even feel unfairly too good depending on class.

Everyone uses the GTR-R34 but I’m new to tuning so I haven’t been able to use it. Cause the storefront crashes every time I look it up.

Ive beaten many in A and S class with my G65 and X5M lol, depends on the driver and tune, many cars with the right tune can be beastly online

Well, the Subaru WRX STi from 2005 is one of the best cars. It’s great out of the box, it’s one of the best WRX STi models, and it’s pretty amazing in this game.

That doesn’t mean it’s omnipotent though. I have several of them in a few different classes and variations and I do find it very easy to win when driving them.
I have also beaten countless racers who were using a 2005 Subaru when I was not using one.

There are a handful of cars in this game, and every game, that will naturally be “better” based on their standard criteria and the criteria the game tends to favour. In this game, this happens to be one of many cars.

One thing I love about Horizon 2 is that any car can be used to generate great results. Yes, a lot of it comes down to driver ability and skill, but each and every car has a vast potential once you find the appropriate class for it. Don’t believe me - take a look at the Anello S1 leaderboards in (used to be) the top 10 and you’ll find a Golf mixed in with Maseratis, Ferraris, and other “super cars”…

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Theres been alot of issues w the r34 in particuliar ever since an update that came out…all i noticed on mine was that a single pi pt was missing (which turned out to be race driveline upgrade) once i put that back on it went back to full 900 and the stats for the build were then made correct again as well…8.2g 9.2a…if u can buy one letme know and ill give you the build n tune…thats assuming you want the car though…or theres plenty of good ones to choose from…should try the ff version also:)