What's up with all the ghosting?

It feels like half the race is spent ghosted in multiplayer. Since when did Forza become time trial simulator?

Hard collisions in a race seem to result in temporary ghosting. Perhaps that’s the culprit? All I know is it’s super distracting to get ghosted in driver cam.

Wasn’t this the same in FH4 in certain conditions?

As long as players continue to go out of their way to ram others and veer you off checkpoints then ghosting will remain.

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I would have been knocked off the track or pushed into a wall even more without it. Very inconsistent still. Half the time it stops the ramming. The other half a guy plows you into a wall resulting in a penalty for being rammed into it and they drive off. Really? No improvement from a H4. Same stuff happening. :man_facepalming: I know it’s arcade but we need a sportsmanship rating for matchmaking. It will never improve without that. Only than maybe ghosting corner bombers can be removed. Will never happen though.

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