whats the update for?

turned on my xbox afterwork to play forza and there is a update i know the new car pack is out but i cant download yet because of the update… anyone know?

It is the car pack.

We need to download the car pack even if we have no interest in it? 631mb is a huge chunk of the harddrive to take for something i dont want.

Yes you do - for several reasons.
Firstly it means you can see the cars (no more NULL car issues from the past games).
Secondly the download also contains some small fixes (appears that the issues with championships getting stuck with Road America are now fixed).
If you don’t want the pack you will have to play FM5 offline from now on.
And it doesn’t take that much of the HDD up (the day one update was 10x the size).

It takes up 631mb, 10 car packs = Over 6gb which is far too much for someone who does not buy the car packs.

613 mb is 0.6gb so the update doesn’t take much space on your HD


Where did you get 10 car packs from - and the first one was in the Day One update. You are also assuming that the updates do not overwrite other files (hence little or no change in installation size). Plus 6 GB is just over 1% of the total HDD (which has a massive chunk taken for the OS anyway).
Like I said - if you don’t want the packs/updates keep the box offline when playing Forza.

You say it’s just 1% but considering how small the Xbox One HD is that is 6gb is a fair chunk…Right now i have already used over 60% of the HD and Titanfall is on it’s way next week. Telling people to keep the box offline if they dont want DLC downloaded onto their console is absurd, In 10 years of Xbox Live i dont know of any other game that forces you to download DLC you dont want.

You are missing the point - it is an UPDATE, which also contains the content for those buying the DLC and this isn’t the first time this has been done (and is done to prevent content issues like DLC maps for various FPS, the cars and tracks in FM5 need to be accessible by everyone to keep things running smoothly).
The issue of HDD size has been known for months and is part of gaming consoles 2014 - at the end of the day with mandatory installation and the current generations love of patches you will run out of HDD one way or another - could be worse and you could live somewhere with poor internet that is also expensive. Either way this is the way things are.

You’re assuming that 631MB is just for the cars. You have no clue how much of that is the cars & how much of it is updates to the game. Not to mention, we never receive logs, so we don’t know everything fixed. Could be tweaks to the AI. Just like I never hear anyone give T10 credit for fixing the AI issues shortly after release where AI cars could drive just as fast off road as on. Some time ago, that was fixed.

I totally agree… it’s a non sens.
Never play online, never buy the DLC… why should I be forced to download this content?
Please, leave us the choice, choice is always better than force people.

yep its just the car pack data no more free cars needed to make sure everyone has the correct data.

Excellent! I was hoping that this would happen in Forza 5. No more mysterious black VW Jettas, huh? :slight_smile:

I have noticed the XP rewards changed for online play also. Not sure if it was in the update or just a server deal.

One of the changes, which some players were asking for, is that engine swap info is displayed in the upper right corner of the upgrade screen. What information I can gather about the updates, I’ve been putting in the Cars and DLC thread:

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Thanks Manteo. Just to satisfy my curiosity, where do you get the info about what updates have been done?

Edit: Nevermind. I see you already specify where you got them.

Is it just me or is something different about the environment on some tracks…time of day or some other fix. I noticed something different. WITHOUT THE NURBURGRING…I don’t care if they put in WEATHER…NIGHT RACING or anything else…The Game is a failure! And I really enjoy this Forza. I have the wheel…Stick shift etc. $600 additional for one game! FAILURE WITH NO NURBURGRING!

Oh…The GT ONE I suggested. Doubt too many other people did. if I can’ buy it as a single car…I won’t at all. Cheap that they make you buy pucks for one car you want in most situations.

The way they set out there DLC and token system along with the fact players can’t sell cars back to the game just says it all.

I mean, why not just do an f1 pack with some f1 tracks and cars as an example.

Also any updates to the game should be separate from the DLC. I agree that they shouldn’t make you download stuff you don’t want.

What are you talking about? How do you have the stick shift? there is no shifter that works for this wheel on xbox one. Pedals yes quite a few but no shifter that I can find any where. So $600 additional is coming from a wheel that is $400? I got mine on sale for $320???