Whats the purpose of FWD in this game?

I just find this drivetrain useless. I automatically switch to AWD when I have a car.

AWD - > Good acceleration with less topspeed
RWD → Less acceleration but higher topspeed
FWD → Less topspeed, less acceleration and no better grip than the two others.

Am I right ?

Like … the Honda Civic can be turned into a drift car. don’t you think that drivetrain swaps killed the game ?

FWD should stay FWD with no drivetrain swaps.

Drivetrain swaps won’t change the top speed if the stock gearbox was already perfectly adjusted.
As for the sense of FWD: the Clio FE on A and the '97 Civic on B want to have a talk with you ;}
Sure, above A-class it’s useless.

But below that you can achieve better power/weight/grip ratios with FWD than with the other two.


The Clio FE is actually pretty well broken in S1…thing is stupidly fast lol

Yeah sure, but since online doesnt’ have B class (except dirt) … Maybe the Clio is an exception but do you actually use the other FWD cars ?

So if car is not usefull in ranked it’s totally useless? How abaout then just remove 600 other cars that are not meta cars sure that will make game mutch better. Sure if you care only abaout ranked sure then FWD is useless but many people dont care abaout ranked or any kinda competive aspects some peoples even enjoy this game without any kinda drivetrain/engine swap/aero modifications.

And you can bet that Rayne use FWD cars more than any other here in forums.


Err because there are fwd cars in real life and it’s a racing game with those cars in it or do you think there should only be cars that you personally like? It sounds like you only care about performance and winning instead of enjoying the cars for what they are.


Mh it’s a video games so yeah, I play to win.

If i want to enjoy car, I’ll drive my real car.

Whats the point of taking a car with weak performances when you can actually upgrade it ?

What’s the point of upgrading to B class when A is possible? What’s the point of upgrading to A class when S1 is possible? Because it’s fun to set constraints and then see how much you can squeeze out of a car within those constraints. I spent endless hours in Forza Motorsport shaving tenths off my best D class hotlaps, best C class hotlaps, all the way up to X. There’s more to racing than just having the fastest car.


Failing to see what point you’re even trying to make…

If you play online in multiplayer, are you not playing to win or at least be competitive? Otherwise what exactly are you doing, just driving around in free roam doing nothing? That must get boring fast.

This game fails in so many ways. The game is more centric towards AWD. It has so many cars and yet most them are useless, I honestly don’t see the point in 80% of them being in the game when they re just never gonna be used or hardly used. Being able to swap drivetrains is ridiculous and any other modifying of the cars is ridiculous as well. It totally destroys the integrity of what makes them unique in the first place.

Forza Horizon series needs a significant overhaul for it to continue and be relevant.

If you havent notice online racing is not very popular in this game. I bet you are one of those guys who use meta cars also in custom adventures and think everybody plays the game same way. This may suprise you but many of us like Horizon (and forza in overall) because of cars. And i personaly raither take game where is 600 cars than 60 cars.

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Then you would bet wrong and lose.

I pretty much stopped playing the game once I did all the single player stuff (pop on very rarely now). Multiplayer is completely rubbish, not one part, but all of it. I wouldn’t bother wasting my time and effort into something so bad. You say many, but really you’re a minority of people (mostly the usual forum goers). I’d rather take game quality content that is fun and rewarding, than having cars that will never ever get used. I wonder what the actual figure and time spent of people using all 600 cars? Its probably extremely low.

From someone who spent a significant amount of time playing Project Gotham Racing 2 on the Xbox and that had no modifications and no 600 cars. Yet the game was extremely fun online. I mention this, because FH4 talks about PGR and yet FH4 fails at the most basic things.

It doesn’t even make sense for FH4 to have modifications on a game that has multiplayer but isn’t a simulation game and nor a arcade game. Its stuck in-between and that’s one of the problems. It has a identity crisis.

It seems we think totally different ways, you say it’s problem that FH4 is not simulation or arcade while for me it’s one of the best things in Horizon that it balance between simulation and arcade.

And what’s online has to do amount of cars? Yes online is mostly rubbish (at least now custom adventures are fun) but those guys who design game online aspect are not same guys who spent their times to modelling cars in this game.

I know most guys are not like me who like all types of cars and is drive every single car that game offers but need to remember not everybody likes to same kinda cars, someone wants just drive with hypercars all day long while other guy couldnt care less abaout hypercars and raither takes old Challenger and that is where huge car collection shines offering all kinda peoples lots of choises what car to use.

The modifications is a hugely important part of the game and should be expanded on. I will say, however, that it’s too easy. The only thing I’m ever restricted by is class, which does seem to be just enough to make different builds interesting, but the parts themselves of course or their cost has never been a problem.

But I feel the same way about most of the cars feeling pointless. Awesome cars, too, which I’m glad are in the game, there’s just no real incentive to use them for anything. Car mastery could change that in a big way, but the current system of “mastering” cars with “skill” points acquired by bashing around in a different car in order to get more wheelspins and credits needs to go. It’s so easy and tiring people are wanting a menu option to do it in one click. It has nothing to do with skill or mastering anything.

If this system was about actually mastering each car through tuning and driving skill instead and it had worthwhile awards (something like Car Events which would be similar to Seasonal Events seems very feasible) it would open up way more gameplay across our entire garage. This could be right alongside the accessibility and freedom of the rest of the game. It’s how I personally spend most of my time playing the game, anyways, there’s just no awards or in-game progress.

Umm not everyone plays this game to play multiplayer
Some people enjoy the cars as they come in stock form
Its not all about engine swaps and changing cars in something they arent
And people wonder why all their cars sound the same …probably because they engine swapped and now all use the same one

I prefer to play offline and do most offline races/championships in stock form
Only forced to change if i decide to play MP


Relevant to what? The interests of muddy sticks?

I’ve played the series since the beginning, FH4 has gone backwards. It offers nothing new, it actually offers less. If you’re happy with that, then you’re easily pleased with things going backwards.

I love mess around in my classic rally FWD Lancia Fulvia. lovely Italian design and a car with heritage. Made a classic Marlboro Monte Carlo Rally livery, put a pair of Cibie rally lights on the front and I raised the suspension a little to absorb the bumps (I play with a wheel setup). Even stock, the Fulvia is agile, FWD means it got lots of grip and lift off over steer.

My point:
Not everyone is interested in competitiveness, top speed, handling or what ever.
As a complete car nut, I like to drive (any car) stock first, like it was designed, and if I got a purpose for it, I modify it.

Forza gives you the freedom to do whatever you want. In my point of view, that it what it makes a great game.


^THIS … I pretty much follow the same philosophy. I only do an AWD conversion as needed or just having some wild fun.

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Spot on!