What's Next for DLC?

So, with the arrival of the March carpack, we have reached the end of the 6 month, 42 car DLC.

What’s next? Is there another DLC pack? Will we see the other expansion we bought in October?

Obligatory Porsche pack


Going by past experience, a Porsche “Expansion”, and 4 or 5 car packs not covered by the Pass.

Or fast and furious expansion and Porsche an additional “expansion”.

Car packs come usually come out until the next Forza game arrives. As usual no info is provided until release.


Maybe Porsche pack, VW pack wouldn’t surprise me. I’m just happy they added the Volvo 242, and slightly larger tires for it.

  • Monthly car packs all the way up to September.*
  • The second Expansion.
  • Various #Forzathon-exclusive reward cars.
  • The occasional free car.

  • This is not guaranteed, but based on patterns from previous titles going back as far as Forza Motorsport 4 in 2011/2012.
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I dont think expectations should be created for dlc up to September.


. SatNiteEduardo has a great point. I know everyone is just trying to be a good forum person and answering from what many last Forza titles did but as sensitive as some are in the forum I guess facts are only known by Turn 10 and Playground games till they release the info. There is no sense in giving all the people who like to post negative comments an easier task. I know everyone here was just trying to help but realistically we don’t know what’s coming till the info is released. The Porsche cars have had some info leaked but we really don’t know when or if they are even coming out although more than likely they will. Even if they do we have no idea what form ( car pack only or an expansion ) we do know that we still have an Expansion coming but no confirmation on what it really consists of yet till T10/PG. let us officially know.

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I hope the F&F carpack will feature all cars from the f6 & h2 expansion plus some new. I want to see the corvette, cuda, charger daytona return

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So no car pack next month, no forzathons announced after next week…

Definitely seems like the next expansion is real close…

(Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking cause I’m bored of the game…)


I would hazard a guess to say that we may be getting the second expansion in mid-late April.

They already shown part of April’s Forzathon.

Which is next week as I mentioned.

I stayed up last night to see what the Sesto was like and judging by all of the work that wasn’t put into this game we can expect a Porsche “expansion” and however many 7-car packs they can actually release. I’d imagine T10 and PG are running out of filler cars to stick into car packs for Horizon 3. Eventually they’ll run out and either quit car packs all together or put some actual work into their most successful Horizon game yet and fix all of the major issues noted, namely for cars (some since launch).

So yes, Porsche pack labeled as an “expansion” and a few more car packs that for some reason aren’t included in the stuff I spent over $150 on just this game.

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Maybe we will soon get to stop the speculation when we get our first hint.

The chance it will be something related to Porsche is greater than it being anything else (even another map expansion).

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The car pack is usually around on the first Tuesday of the month.
So the next pack will be out in 3 Days?!

You’ll get the answer reading this thread.

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