What's good these days?

Haven’t posted on here since FM4… :open_mouth: Sup OG’s?

What’s everyone up to lately? What is everyone excited about in the near future?

What is everyone’s favorite car to drift?

Supercharged or turbocharged? What’s your preference?

Idk… just stirring up some general conversation vs. your usual tune questions… or drift “battle” stuff. :slight_smile:

Talk to me people!


What’s up man? Just doing some hood rat stuff with my friends haha. FH3 looks pretty good so that’s pretty exciting. As far as cars go I’ve been drifting the Viper as always! haha what’s your favorite drift car?

Been a while buddy! lol. Car is a toss-up in this game… I really like E36’s. But, the B5 RS4 is great too. There’s a lot of cars I like, I guess if I had to pick one though it would be the E36.
We really need user-created lobbies back… The lack of this in FM6 has made me not even care to play… I’ll just get on every so often when I can’t drive my real car… to get a bit of a fix. lol