What's going on with the Isetta on Blizzard Mountain?

Okay, so maybe I’m a bit weird for even trying this, but for me, driving games aren’t all about fast supercar races all the time - for me, one of the big draws of the Forza games has always been the huge and varied car selection and the opportunity to set up strange, exotic races. So I just had to try and see how the BMW Isetta performs on ice in a full blizzard and set up a single-lap, Isetta only exhibition race on one of the tarmac/ice circuits in the village - and I got so thoroughly trounced by the AI drivers that I think something is seriously off here.

I tried both my PI-abusing D100 build from the base game (basically, install everything that doesn’t move your PI rating above 100…if you stay at 100, the AI opponents don’t seem to tune their cars at all, and with a car as lightweight and underpowered as the Isetta, every single tuning part you can install makes a huge difference) and a completely stock Isetta, both with and without snow tires, and the results were always the same - my car maxes out at 30mph and absolutely refuses to go any faster while the AI opponents zip by at their normal blazingly fast Isetta speeds, with me finishing the lap in about 3 minutes and all the AI opponents finishing in just about 2 minutes. This seems seriously off, especially considering that at that speed I was just driving full throttle all the time following the ideal line without ever needing to brake or let go of the throttle, so I think we can exclude driver error. What’s going on here? Did I discover a game-breaking bug?

For the record, this was on my normal difficulty settings of highly skilled opponents, all assists off except normal steering - I didn’t have the patience to try with different difficulty settings, but I don’t think it would make that much of a difference.

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maybe the gear ratios are weird, try setting your final drive more towards speed and/or adjusting your sixth gear ratio

If you really want to trounce the AI in an all Isetta race, swap in the motorcycle engine and take it up to A class. In my experience, the AI maxes it out at C class (533 IIRC).

As for your specific problem - did you put in a differential? I’ve heard that is responsible for the odd issue with the Isetta maxing out at 30-40 mph.

Its the resistance of snow on the car (much like driving through standing water in the main game).

I’ve got one set at D100 and tweaked it a little for the snow after seeing this thread and took it for a spin.

Any road with any amount of snow, it was struggling to hit mid 30s mph, turn onto a tarmac road and it was pushing 60.

My build has only 20 HP so the snow really slows it down. Happens to every car, just really easy to see with the Isetta’s lack of HP.

Edit: Oh and the AI doesn’t follow the same rules we do, that’s why you don’t see it affect them.

Ahh of course, that explains it - I noticed AI drivers don’t get slowed down by snow/water as much as me, but I didn’t realize how huge the difference is for the poor lowly Isetta. Thanks for clearing up that mystery - I guess this ends my dream of one day, when I really have lots of time, doing a Kingmaker race in the Isetta.

Ti Hsien, if you can actually drive an engine-swapped Isetta in A class, you’re a much better driver than me (which admittedly isn’t saying much, but srsly…respect). When I tried the engine swap in the Isetta, it was wildly hopping around like a rubber ball, wayyy beyond my abilities to control it. Definitely a fun experience, but not a car in which I could ever win a race.

You might try my tune for it. It’s pretty easy to handle as long aren’t jumps.