What's funny about Forza Motorsport 5?

The idea behind this thread isn’t to complain or turn into some kind of wish-list…it is simply something about the game that you find personally amusing. For me, it is the fact that the dreaded, murderous, leaderboard killer car for the lower classes is – a Mini Cooper.

Look, it’s a fine piece of machinery. And, it clearly has proven itself many times over in this game. And, yes, with my driving ability, I can be beaten by a Yugo up on blocks. But, still --a Mini Cooper. I’m just trying to picture sitting on a Mustang Boss on the local speedway…

“Oh yeah, you’ve got it, Boss. Let’s do this.”
“Hang on, AX. Look over there. It’s…it’s…a MINI!”
“Oh, man! What should we do? Should we just hand over our lunch money right now?”
“Sure. You have change for a ten?”
“Hang on. Somebody else is coming. Oh my goodness - an Elan!”
“This place is like Thunderdome. We’re out of here. Go go go!”

Real World Expectations Do Not Equal In Game Performance.

The Mini at least has a fine racing history. It really did chop up the opposition back in the day. Same could hardly be said for the Spark in FM4. So far I haven’t found any cars to get riled about in FM5. Or roll about laughing for that matter.

One of my favorite video of all time.

In this month’s FASTCAR magazine there is a feature on a Mini One that can out accelerate a Veyron all the way up to at least 150 mph. All with the single cam, 1600cc engine that comes stock in the Cooper S and through the front wheels. Obviously its highly modded and runs a huge turbo but theres no way it’ll cost ya million quid to own one. My point? that perhaps the game isn’t always a million miles away from reality.

Mini Cooper has a fine racing heritage…

Many kits available for this car. You can do rear engine rear wheel drive swaps I have seen them in real life.

and let's not forget this is circuit racing and the mini cooper is a great handling and lightweight car.
  • it’s a video game.


here you go, the measly mini cooper vs ford gt on road america (driver skill is evident here I’m sure the guy in the GT isn’t dropping the hammer but still)

For all you V8 swap VW Beetle drivers.

Well, guys, my post had a very important purpose – an attempt to make folks smile/laugh. Apparently, it didn’t do that. I honestly meant it in fun, not as an attempt to provoke the Mini Cooper Enthusiast Association. I was mostly poking fun at imagery as opposed to the Mini Cooper’s racing abilities. As an American teenager, you dream about Camaros and muscle cars. I don’t know too many who had Mini Cooper posters on the wall. Again, it is the imagery of somebody in a muscle car wetting themself at the sight of a Mini that I found funny, not the car’s actual racing ability.

Feel free to close the thread, mods. I got the answer to my question “What’s funny about Forza?” The answer - nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Don’t feel bad dude,i knew what you meant, some people just take their cars and Forza way to serious,there is really a lot of funny stuff in Forza,to each their own.

Don’t feel bad dude,i knew what you meant, some people just take their cars and Forza way to serious,there is really a lot of funny stuff in Forza,to each their own.


Thanks, T Rex. I’m good. And, I can understand some people really getting into the game. It hooked me and I haven’t played a racing game of any kind since Project Gotham Racing on the original XBox (and I was terrible at that). Something about constantly seeing improvement with better lap times that hooks you and keeps making you want to get better. Unlike most people here, I can’t help somebody get a top 100 time. For me, cracking top 10000 on a main circuit right now is a reason to break out the party hats. So, I just try to contribute where I can and offer silly comments when I can squeeze them in. And, I’ve learned my lesson – do not taunt the Mini Cooper Happy Fun Ball.


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I find the V8 swapped VW Beetles quite amusing to watch in A Class, I don’t personally use the car myself but they’re funny to watch. One of the videos I linked earlier shows one doing wheelies on the drag strip, lol. I know the video isn’t a Forza related video but still amusing.

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Nice. Extreme Bug - I like it!


You know what’s really funny?

Tuning a Big, dumpy vehicle to rollover at the slightest turn (Hummer and Vandura).

It’s very funny to try and roll over other cars as you tip over. I have a wheelie hummer setup, and a poor Shelby happened to get underneath me as I came down and I smashed him into the concrete. LOL

Here are some videos I made showing SOME of them.


I find the crowd quite amusing ,you get 100 carddboard people then one guy jumping up and down letting off fireworks ,while waving a flag.

The cat meowing.
The sticky grass an inch off the curb at Indy to curb corner cutting but none on large open skippable sections on other tracks.