Whats calified as "OPEN RACING"?

I know. At this point i should know the answer to this question, but the fact is that i barely do it, whatever it is.

So, i thought that, for example, an horizon tour was calified as “open racing” but apparently it isnt, so at this point im lost.

I just had one of my worst experiences so far playing with teammates in the game. Ive neve experienced so much ramming coming from my teammates in an horizon tour. It was disgusting.

I only did it to complete the daily (drive 5 miles on open racing), and it didnt count. So, at this point i need to ask the question.

Or does open racing only refering to the convoy thing? i just dont get it.

If you look at your post history you will understand why everyone is ramming you


Open racing is Horizon Open
Menu>Online> In middle

Horizon Tour is Team

Go to Online - Middle option is Horizon Open - click on the left - Open Racing - Simples…

That was it. It was the first time i do an open racing event since release :stuck_out_tongue:

As expected, for good reasons. God. Why people have this infuriating will to ramm everyone when you dont even need to actually win, sigh.

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Yeah suxx… they removed the competition stuff but ppl have to ram. Was doing it for something other in prev playlist and there was someone constantly hitting my side to push me offtrack.
Was driving slower then to make clear he is safe on #6 but bla he slowed down too and continued…