Whats better then getting forza 6... getting it for almost free :P

You’re thinking yeah right… but between my speedway rewards, bing and amazon gift card from work… all translates to microsoft points.

I may opt for the $100 one :slight_smile:

yeah so what I’m cheap! :slight_smile:

I’m opting for the physical copy, so that I can sell it later. Got a feeling this game is going to go the way of Forza 5… A month of play and then everyone leaves. No community features and it’s looking like poor POV.

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been playing since forza 2… I didn’t buy 5 due to lack of content and cars… really hope they keep on track with this… I have money in microsoft account from all that crap… just want to see what more will be released before clicking away. Guess time will tell… I still bust out 4 :slight_smile: