What you think community?

Hey guys I was just finishing up the demo when I realized that technically Forza 7 is to Xbox one what Forza 4 was to Xbox 360 in terms of release. As you all know Forza 4 was the last Motorsport title released before the Xbox one generation came out. I personally play these games differently then most and I need your opinion.

My question to the community is do you believe that this will be the last Motorsport game released for Xbox One or will there be more??

That only T10 knows, and they won’t say, but my guess will be FH4 and onwards will be XBoneX [and PC off course].

Yes, supposedly this is the last console, they are going more towards a pc style where they will make it modular and upgradable according to when they released info on scorpio

You need to change your ways of thinking. Console generations are a thing of the past. Current XBox games can be played on the entire range of consoles … One, One S, and One X. This is Microsoft’s strategy moving forward and will be the norm moving forward. Expect future Forza games to work on all consoles. At least until the controllers are chips embedded in our brains and displays are 8K 3D holograms suspended in mid air.


Unless the 1X is only going to have a 2 year life span then I would assume that there’s going to be another game but only T10 and MS know that for sure.


I think this will be the second to last Motorsport game for the Xbox one

Unlikely since MS has been promoting the Xbox One family concept instead of forcing everyone to switch.

I think the idea is you can game no matter the budget with the Xbox one being the budget variation.


I agree with Swerve. XBox 1 in any guise will be a common console platform but unlike the XB and 360 eara there are more variants. They’ll undoubtedly come up with a future console and as people replace their existing consoles the entire community will gradually upgrade but at their own pace, not forced. The common factor moving forward isn’t the hardware as it was in the past but the OS.

It’s a nice idea, consoles are simply dedicated PCs. Kinda opens the whole thing up and makes the market more attractive for developers. They can build the same game for XBox and PC.

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Nowhere has T10 declared that it will stop making Forza games on the Xbox One and One-S just because the One-X is about to come out. As long as there is an Xbox One brand, there will be Forza. Doesn’t matter if you’re playing it on a One-X, One-S or original One. You will get to play Forza unless MS decide to shutdown T10 Studios or something, which is very, very unlikely.

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