What we need for the Eliminator

“Drivers aren’t the only ones that can get… ELIMINATED! Starting 12pm Monday, March 9th, we’re asking you which cars should be Eliminated from each Tier. Only the strongest cars will survive!”

This is from a post by ManteoMax for an FH4 update almost 2 years ago. The cars were more balanced there than they are here, so I don’t see any reason why we can’t have this. This could solve one of the biggest problems with the Eliminator: Unbalanced cars, cars in wrong tier, etc. I know this is probably unrealistic with everything else that needs to be done, but we can try.

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Interesting. I also wondered if there was something in the idea of “if you’re in a level 10 car and win a head-to-head you get the opponent’s car regardless of tier”.

They never did get the balancing right in FH4 although it may still be better than FH5, I’m not familiar enough with the latter. It is one of my bugbears with the FH4 version that you have to sometimes choose a weak ‘upgrade’ which is inferior to what you already had, in the hopes of being able to use it as a stepping stone to upgrade to something actually faster.

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There’s a 9 page thread with 13k views to ban the boneshaker which still hasn’t been banned. Good luck!


Yeah I’ve regretted a few times getting the L7 Ferrari P4 or L8 Camaro. Hopeless anytime the going gets rough. Conversely I’ve won a few times in the level 6 Audi RS7. Super fast and only the top cars can beat it.


The FH5 The Eliminator needs to reduce the amount of trees to represent the scale 1:5. Example is easy to explain. If there were 28 Trees and Logs in one area the developers scanned then they should do a mean average and reduce the amount of trees and logs to reflect the scaled map of 1:5. Less to design. Less complaints.

It would also mean easier for lower level cars to compete in the woods. Cars like the X5, Audi RS 7 and Levante are off road god’s. They usually seem to be the best cars to use.

To add fair manners into The Eliminator the developers needs to remember video games were only made for entertainment and not physics and not simulation. You winning a level ten car in a Level 2 Audi RS 6. It flips and rolls upside down multiple times. You can’t catch up.

Developers cannot maintain logs in the woods as it sends the cars flinging side ways causing anger. Gaming was not made to cause anger. It was made for entertainment purposes only.

The more simulation and physics video games go the more players they will loose and the more complaints will arise. I spoke to a game developer years ago and they said they are use to slander and complaints and usually laugh at them and do nothing. Them days are luckily going to come to a end, hopefully.

I will go as far as selling my Xbox unless them logs and rocks are removed from the game as all they do is give advantages to faster cars.

In real life a Audi RS 6 would outpace any car faster. That does not seem to be the case as racing games only favour Rear Wheel Drive these days and the RWD cars do not belong in The Eliminator.

Maybe it’s time Forza Horizon 3 was upgraded for next generation and try a series reboot as Australia map at scale 2.0 would be the better option and The Eliminator in Forza Horizon 3 would be a nice additional as a series reboot.

Until this RWD nonsence and regulations are removed from gaming then I am walking away as Microsoft know Racing Games were never meant to be in the first place.

My suggestion and it’s a long one as I would rather wrote one long one than comment on multiple comments :slight_smile: