What was your first HE car?

Do you still remember?

Mine was the 2012 Nissan GTR that I won from a wheelspin.

Mine was the same. Although, I feel like that is predetermined almost.

Same and on my first wheel spin

I got a BMW M4 HE from a wheelspin.

Mine was a Countach :slight_smile:

Mine was the Dodge Viper from a wheel spin.


Lambo Countach as a gift, Ford Pursuit Ute as the ‘true’ first car to win from Wheelspin.

Mine was the Ford GT HE - still my favourite HE car to use to be honest. Didn’t win it very early on either, you guys seem lucky to have got it on your first spins!

69 Chevy Camaro SS Horizon Edition…won it in a wheelspin and it is one of my top ten favorite cars to race with,.

For me, it was Lambo Countach it was my favorite car.

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