What Type Of Math Is This? Lost CR!

I am trying to find a good race with most CR and so i wrote down what CR I had before the race
I race Goliath thinking its a long race so, it will bring best CR

Before the Race:
I have 6,322,448 CR

Place 11th and:
I have 6,465,704 CR @85% CR Setting
plus 15,000 CR after for wheelspin (total = 6,480,704)

TOTAL EARNED without wheelspin = 143,256

I go race again with 60% CR Setting
Game locks up about half way through the race

I load the game again
Now I have:
6,356,604 CR
Why dont I have 6,465,704 CR ???

I go race again Goliath
I finish 11th and:
I have 6,503,924 CR @ 60% CR Setting
plus 125,000 CR after for wheelspin (total = 6,628,924)

TOTAL EARNED without wheelspin = 147,320

So, where is the CR % setting taking part in this?
The above CR totals are only 2.8% difference from each other not 25%

Why is racing 12 minutes only getting roughly 140,000 CR? That is BOGUS!!

And why does the game take my CR when it crash?


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the only thing i can think of is credit bonuses for skills during the race, did you manage to keep track of skill bonuses from both races?

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That’s exactly it.

As for why you lost credits after a crash… It must have crashed before it saved. That or it crashed during a save and instead of completely wiping your data you just lost the last race.

skill bonuses dont give CR though, right?

but, I made more off the 60% CR setting ?
and I was only a few seconds faster because the 85% CR settings was having me slide off the road a few times.

that doesnt make any sense!

The 60% and 85% are bonus credits, you get get default credits 100% and the bonus e.g. 65% to make 165% of the base.

Also if you are VIP you get 100% bonus credits on the base amount. This would mean you compare 2.6 to 2.85 which is a 10% difference and why it’s not worth worrying about the credits you get from the difficulty boost.

The credits are caclulated on the actual distance your car travels and not the length of the race. This can vary if you go off road quite a bit.
This is to prevent some event lab exploits.

That’s the OPs point though…even taking the 10%, therer should still be a 14k difference, not a 4k one. 10k is nothing, true, but there is clearly a programming error somewhere.

When it comes to these bonus credits, the game seems conflicted…I mainly run at Highly Skilled and, periodically, I will get the “You are winning easily” message which tells me I can increase the difficulty for an extra 25%…however, if you go to the menu screen and do it manually, it only shows an extra 5% for the same difficulty, not 25%. I have no clue, however, what it actually applies as I don’t pay much attention to credits beyond sometimes being curious about how much a particular race yields

They are probably fiddling with percentages.
Fiddling with percentages is so much fun.

When you have a lottery ticket and you buy a second one your (relative) chance to win the grand prize increases by an amazing 100%!!! Depending on the lottery your absolute chance will probably go up from something like 0.000001% to 0.000002%, but fair is fair, that is a 100% increase.

So I guess running Highly skilled will give you 20% bonus credit just from the difficulty setting. The extra 5% you get from cranking up the difficulty will increase the bonus credits from the difficulty settings by 25% (5 = 25% of 20, going up from 20 to 25 is a 25% increase). n this case it could also mean you get an extra 25% from difficulty instead of 20%… but I would think they mean the former.
Your absolute (total) bonus will just go up 5% though.

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If you’re crashing odds are you’re losing data, which means lost CR. The servers are also incredibly unstable right now so that can effect it too.

If you want to ensure your progress is saved, go to any festival or house. Enter then exit. This will force a save. Wait until the spinning circle icon in the bottom right corner is done. Once it is, your local and online save data is synced (unless you’re disconnected from the internet) and you don’t have to worry about a crash wiping out your progress.

ok, this would explain why i received less for the 85% race, that is interesting!

yeah, I play on highly skilled but, I am not pleased with the payout so, I was trying to find a race with better payout and thought unbeatable AI @85% CR would be better. but, hearing CR is based on travel distance then I will just go back to highly skilled and race where ever to get an abysmal CR payout.

that is a horrible increase.
we need more payout!

thanks, I will use this tip from now on.