What to do when Forza 6 code has been used

We just purchase Forza 6 Motorsport brand new from a local store., completely sealed with the factory seal. We entered the code key for the 10 year anniversary car pack and Xbox says the code was already used. We contacted XBox support and they also show the code being used (it was activated on 8/8/2015 and redeemed on 9/15/2015…long before we purchased the game). How do we contact Forza or Turn 0 Studios to get a new code key so that we can get the anniversary car pack that come with this came?

The date of activation wascthe official launch day. If the code was inside the box and has been used, it sounds like the box has been resealed and sold as new when it was actually used. It might have been returned for refund due to multiplayer connection issues and as such there was nothing wrong with the game.

Just an idea. Personally your issue is with the store that sold you the game, not xbox or T10.

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Stores can reshrinkwrap games (well they can’t… but they are able to, and only the shady ones actually do it…) , but they cannot put a new factory xbox seal on the game

Contact the store that sold you the game
Its an issue with them being dodgy by the sounds of it

Do you have your purchase receipt? Either take the game back to the store or send Microsoft your proof of purchase and they’ll send a new code.