What to do Next. Stumped!

Please don’t take this as tooting my own horn that is not my intent here. I have completed 100% of the Solo Campaign races, did all of the showcases, and got 27 cars to level 25.
What do i do next? I don’t like multiplayer and just won’t play it. Free play is boring since I am forced to race the same cars over and over again. Without being able to pick the cars or class I race against, not being able to choose more than 50 laps, it’s game over. I spent $90 for a game, thinking I could play for a long time and now it’s game over. I kind of feel cheated.
Any thoughts?
Thank you.

How many hours did it take to complete all that?

According to SmartGlass, he’s played Forza Motorsport 6 for 397 hours* and achieved 100% completion.

Assuming he has been playing since September 10, that’s an average of 13 hours a day.

*“Idling” may be a factor in this; if he’s left his console on overnight it would warp the figures.

I believe my console shuts itself off after about 1/2 hour not playing. I could be wrong here though.

To only be a Tier 1 this doesn’t sound legit.


i only stop playing forza when new forza game comes out, hence the only reason i bought xbox
it’s not about finishing 100%, if it is for you well too bad then, i can spend hours tuning particular car or simply doing silly stuff, like switching engines and differentials to see the difference

Just because I don’t enjoy tuning my cars, when I would prefer
racing should not be too bad then. To me it is about 100% completion and setting up my own races. No need to reply to this as I have read all I’ll ever want to read from you. Go troll someone else.

i expressed my honest opinion and he says i’m trolling lmfao
spoiled brаts complain about a game for 100$ that gave them 300 hours of gameplay, please get a freaking life , the only one who is trolling here is you, i can’t imagine one rpg that gives so much gameplay unless replayed multiple times

Oh and no need to reply to this as I have read all I’ll ever want to read from you. Go troll someone else. kthnxbye. blocked.

This is a prime example of why I don’t play multiplayer. I don’t want to play with 5 year olds. I’m too old for that.

About 300 hours

300 hours for $90??? You certainly weren’t cheated.

Personally, I’d hit rivals.


Lots and lots of rivals.


i think it averages 160 hours heir with about 50 of that being menu time.

Have a bath, speak to some people, read a book then do it again but with other cars/settings etc

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Terrible advice! Speaking to people = multiplayer, and books have endings!

I think a conservative estimate is that that much gameplay for $90 comes to less than $1/hr. T10 put together the game with multiplayer in mind as part of the sale price. You could spend $90 on a live sporting event and end up with lousy weather and a lousy game and nothing to show for it when you leave. To characterize this as “cheated” is extreme.


Point well taken. I can’t argue with that reply. Although, I still wish you would upgrade the free play.

This man speaks the truth. You may also want to add in: catch up on world news from the last month and drink beer.

But seriously you should start playing multiplayer, it will make you a far more polished racer than career mode ever will. Or you could try getting underdog cars high up the leaderboards, that never gets boring.

Now that’s good advice.

Sleep maybe?

397 hours!

Your Xbox One must be begging to be turned off to cool down!


XOnes can stay on forever!