What to buy for the PC

I was cruising the windows 10 store in order to pre order FH3 for my PC. When I locate the pre order, it directs me to the xbox website where the only copies available are the ones for xbone. I do not have an xbone, I have a reasonable computer. Should I purchase one of these or are the windows versions coming some time after. Thanks.

Currently there is no PC version of FH3 they are creating now.That is the reason it writes only xbox one or smth like that because currently there is no version of windows.When they will finish it you can buy it throught windows store.All information is from xbox/windows chat support!

Where did you get such wrong information? IT’s been stated time and again that FH£ will be launching for Xbox One AND PC.

How is there any room for doubt, or indeed the kind of misinformation you just quoted. They are not still working on it, to release it later, they’re coming out together at the same time due to play anywhere system.

You don’t get the point.YES it is coming same date YES it will be launched on both xbox one and pc BUT NO it is not created yet,is is in developing stage so the is not in any of store/reseller thing… This information was stated by xbox/windows support please go and ask yourself

Or how about you do the nice and decent thing by providing a link to this info? Seeing as you are the one that saw it. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve searched both Xbox and MS/Windows support and can find nothing. Please provide a link.
And what exactly do you mean by “not created yet”? Neither version has gone gold yet (AFAIK) so neither is finished yet.

How can I provide chat with person from xbox support link :?

I thought you meant a conversation in a thread on one of their websites, so you could link to that conversation. You mean an actual verbal chat, right?
Fair enough if that’s the case. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

Yes live chat with people from xbox/microsoft :slight_smile: my english is quite bad so maybe I write something not quite understandable

Bought it an XBoxApp - no prob. It also shows now on MS-Store since Anniversary Update, but still listed as XBox only.
PC will probably be added on 13th September when official PlayAnywhere will start. Just make shure to buy digital Version.

What if I don’t have any “pre-order” or “buy” button in Xbox App? Just the description only. I have installed the newest windows update.

Xbox app is your friend. As you can see here black on white :slight_smile:

When you buy the digital copy you get codes for both.

If this had been better explained from Microsoft/Turn10, there wouldn’t be so many questions like this one everytime… Just buy the Xbox One version and you’ll have for PC too, it’s the same thing.

Hi everyone, i’ve just been at gamestop and the don’t know anything, i want to go there for the bonus cars, but the seller told me he doesn’t know about a PC version; i’ve readed a lot since the announcement of the game to understand a bit more, but i couldn’t find anything; my question is: do i have to preorder it mandatorily on Digital version, or can i order a disk or something (cause u know i’ve seen that they give u the Lambo Centenario scale model), or do i have to waith the 13th September to maybe order it at Gamestop… the fact is that i’m not understanding what i have to do to preorder it and play on pc, since MS didn’t gave us enought information.

Sorry for the bad inglish :stuck_out_tongue: i’m still learning it, and sorry for the intromission in this thread, i didn’t wanted to open another one.

I wait for more infos, thanks in advance, hope someone can help us pc players C:

You can’t buy FH3 for Win10 !!!

You can only buy the DIGITAL version for XB1 to get the Win10 version for free.

Play Anywhere is ONLY available with the digital version.

If you buy the disc version you can only play on XB1.

See post #3

With all the problems Apex still has, the Win10 version of FH3 will be a big open beta test too.
And I’m pretty sure that’s the exact reason why they don’t ‘sell’ it for Win10.

Well, all this is as clear as mud. One person says on thing. Someone says something else. Yes, I know it is cross platform. That is not what I’m asking. But if you get the XBone edition, what is stopping you giving the code to your mate so they can play on the pc and you play on the xbone? Where is the official explanation (not just conjecture and opinion) because no one knows anything at my local games store, and they said even their suppliers have no clue how this thing is going to work.

There is no code !

That’s the explanation.

And who told you about two codes ?

Buying at MS direct, you get no code at all.
FH3 gets tied to your XBox account and will unlock on your XB1 with a ~ 100 mb ‘preload’ of files.

Until the release this purchase will ‘unlock’ your download on Win10 too.

You need to login with your XBox account inside the Win10 XBox app … and / or … the Win10 store.

If you buy your ‘code’ at amazon , etc … you will receive ONE code for XB1 / XBox store.

After you redeemed it, same thing as stated above.

That’s the way ‘Play Anywhere’ works.


And here is your official bla bla. …

See the FAQ section at the very end

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Of course Gamestop employees don’t know how it works, because they want to sell their copies, too. If they would be informed by their staff, they should tell you, “Hey, if you want to play FH3 on PC and Xbox, you should go and pre-order it in the Xbox/Windows digital store.” No one would buy/pre order the disc Version anymore. :smiley:

Are you people stupid? You do realize when you buy it in the Xbox Store/Website, you’re buying for BOTH Xbox AND PC…