What the heck is a "Silvia K"

So I’ve been asking this question ALL over the internet for years now and not a single person has come up with a reasonable answer yet, so what is a “Silvia K” car and why would anyone even want one in the first place?

Well. A quick Google “Silvia K” would easily tell you that the Silvia “K” is a Nissan Silvia with a certain trim package. (J, Q, K avalible). I’m kinda surprised that you could miss that when looking for years all over the net.

And why anyone would want it? It’s a RWD coupé. Slightly less grip than needed. Some people like that :slight_smile:

Quoting Wikipedia: “The J’s was the base model. The Q’s model offered a slightly more refined experience and received electric options and an available LSD. The K’s grade received the turbocharged CA18DET or SR20DET (depending on the year of manufacture) in addition to the options offered on the Q’s.”

(maybe this is about thinking this was about a Silvia Kei car?)


Me. I like that. I would sell an organ I’ve got extra of for one, IRL. Got two in the game with different setups.

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Part of the want in this case is that it’s not available from the Autoshow in the game, because it’s treated as an exclusive bonus car.

The Nissan Silvia S14 Zenki. It’s a popular Japanese car, probably desired for its looks and performance. Add in the fact that it’s a unicorn, meaning it’s not obtainable through regular gameplay, and you have yourself quite a popular car in Horizon 3.

Its also known to some as a 1995–2000 Nissan Silvia S14 or Nissan 200SX

The s13 silvia has a k version as well, and they date back to 89 I beleive (I own a 90’s model)

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