What just happened!?!?!?!?

Okay seriously what the actual heck just happened… I was paused on a race on FM6 (no it wasn’t saving) and I switched to a different profile to help my friend with his settings. I switched back to my profile and a little later came back on FM6… And it reset EVERY SINGLE THING… I lose my 3 or 4 million credits, ALL MY CARS and ALL MY TUNES… So I came on the Forza website to see if my pictures were still there… NOPE… It doesn’t realize I’ve ever even played the game… And to make it worse, I started a new save to see if it was just a glitch and I still had all my cars, so now it thinks that’s the save. I did absolutely nothing that would corrupt my save, so what the heck and I supposed to do? I REALLY, REALLY don’t to lose all my drift tunes and stuff I made. I still have game clips of me drifting and racing too so (my profile is NINJAKILLER462) so there’s the proof. Can someone plz help me somehow? :frowning:

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Try deleting the profile (ONLY) you were in at the time you switched out of the game without saving it. Do a hard reset of the Xbox One, then add that profile again and attempt to play the game. It may bring back your cloud save.

If it starts to sync, let it run, DO NOTHING ELSE until it completes. No other games, don’t switch profiles, etc. Leave it be.

I deleted just the profile, hard reset the xbox, added the profile back to the xbox, restarted the game, let it sync, and it still went right back to the stupid new one I started. If I delete the save data of the game and do the same procedure again will that help?

The LOCAL game save only, NOT the cloud save. Then do the rest of it. Sync may take a LOT longer. :slight_smile:

:’( Unfortunately nothing works… The save data is just gone… Idk why but it is… I’ve tried both suggestions and neither has helped. I also tried deleting the save data from all xboxes and that didn’t help either… :frowning: Well thanks for helping but I guess I’m gonna have to kiss my 4 million credits and millions of credits worth of cars goodbye. Well this sucks.