What iz the most forzathon live points you have collected

i have 10190 currently this iz the most i have collected…

took me 15 days…thinking i would see it cap at 9999

I think I have something like 14,000 on my main game save.

There’s never anything in he shop I need. Haven’t played a forzathon live on that account in ages.

Something like 38-39k. Not paying much attention to them as usually there is nothing I don’t own already,
Maybe I’ll use them, if they put some of those very rare clothing items in there or maybe 3 remaining cars that I’m not first owner of (Capri FE, McLaren PO and Titan Warrior FE :P)

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  1. I don’t play in game world online lobbies

Oh, max I had was 5k, only from dailies.

currently 29065 points

32000 points, but nothing in shop to buy!

A bit over 9,000 at the moment, but that’s partly because only some of the cars over the past week or so were new.

I quite like doing Forzathon Lives for something different to do even if I’m not so bothered about earning points from them.

45k and growing.

How do you get so many points? I thought you could only get them from the Forzathon Daily, Forzathon Hourly, and the seasonal event deal.

Do all 7 every single week you will end up with a lot of points you never use. A lot of us have all the cars and clothes so there is nothing to spend them on.