What i've got from spending week with my 22b

Guys, you can check out some 22b builds on my page, i think i’ve got something nearly perfect

The latest and best one in my opinion is “Competitive A”, here’s the list why:

I perfectly balanced suspension, knowing the car is 52.8/47.2 front/rear weight distributed
I’ve got rocket acceleration for A class (5,7 to 100mph)
The car is grippy as hell without noticeable understeer

Just give it a shot, i was driven to write this post by amazing feelings i’ve got while riding this car
Some critique will be also good because i’m new to tuning and going to probably participate in some touge action using this exact tuning

I’ll give it a try and let you know what I think.

Probably be Sunday before I post back. I shop tunes/builds so I have a descent amount of good tuners cars and I’m always on the look out for others.

I’m descently fast but just a step down from the real fast guys. Any particular track/ combo that it’s tuned for? That way I’ll be driving it where it was tuned for instead of where it’s not particularly suited.

(Dirt, tarmac, off road etc)

I know the scoobies are descent all around cars but like to start off where you tuned it for

Edit Monday night: sorry didn’t pick it up yet. I got a bit tied up knocking out achievements and running on Goliath for HLC challenge. Sorry let you know when I pick it up. But more then likely won’t be until the weekend

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It was mostly tested on tarmac, but i was primarily focused on making car for running multiplayer tracks using only one all-around car.

I also made as i feel very solid tune for this route of my future (i hope) touge team, and even more excited about it, it’s called “A TOUGE (162mph)”, i think if you give it a shot you won’t be dissapointed!

Touge route