What is your highest mileage car that you own

Show everyone what is your highest mileage car that you own.

I don’t know about ‘show everybody’ but mine is the Alpha Romeo Giulia FE.

Koenigsegg Agera RS, as it was the car that did all the exploring and Forzathon live events

Also kept Chevy Camaro PO, because it has 30 previous owners and is one of few cars that I own, with more then one owner.


Is this the same as your ‘favourite car’? In that case, mine is an NSX '92 with 19,652 miles.

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Can’t be Favorite Car, because mine says Hot Wheels Rip Rod (10,259 mi) which I knew just couldn’t be and so I went through and checked almost every car I have. While Rip Rod still gets the 3rd place podium, #1 Toyota T100 Baja (17,947 mi) and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited DD (13,983 mi) are my first and second, respectively, which make a lot more sense. No idea what metric or combination determines this, though. Probably broken, too. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I think the OP quickly lost interest in his own thread anyway :joy:

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What have you been using the Rip Rod for Squryl?

My favourite car is apparently the Ferrari F40C. I thought that was odd as I’ve not driven it that much but when I look at the stats for that car I have allegedly driven 30,189 miles. In comparison, the Nova FE, which I have over 500 races in (compared to 78 in the F40C), only has just over 5,000 miles recorded.

No idea where the game is pulling the 30,000 miles figure for the F40C. My highest figure that is more likely to be genuine is just over 8,000 in the Pulsar.

I wonder if you got that car from auction and the mileage is carried over from the previous owner? I can’t say I’ve ever checked these things. But it would be mildly interesting to know which cars I’ve driven most I suppose. Whether / where this game has this info remains a mystery.

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No, its my own car. It must be a glitch of some sort as I definitely have not driven it that much.

Last time I used it was for a seasonal A800 Buggy playground games a few weeks back. Thinking back though, I did use it often early on as it was a pretty successsful car for me in Horizon 3 and I was looking for some similar results here; I did use it a lot for Forzathon Live, online games when I was into that, and otherwise waiting for a lobbies and/or screwing around. But 10,000+ miles screwing around in a Rip Rod seems like a bit much, even for me.

I was pretty surprised to see Jeep Trailcat as a close #4 (and I do not care for it at all, in fact, last time I touched it was waaay back for one of the early HLR Moss challenges (or yours, unsure) S1900 Extreme Offroad @ City Outskirts…a long time ago! Also surprised AMC Gremlin or AMC Hornet weren’t in the mix at alll as they are a few of my favorites and I’m always banging around into something with them. The only part of this that seems to make any sense are the Baja and Wrangler DD at #1 and #2.

…I guess rivals milage don’t factor in, either, as I’ve done a TON of grinding D500 cross country in the '32 Ford Coupe and those I have had relatively little milage on them as well.

When you go through your garage, when you click on a car, one of the selections is “Car History” or “View History”…one of those two. It is the selection right above “Remove this car” so be careful, lol.

It shows all sorts of individual stats for the car, but miles traveled is lower on the right hand side if I remember it right.

I don’t think there’s one accurrate stat in this game at all.

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#1. 2014 Lamborghini Huracan 17, 464 miles

#2. AMC Gremlin

#3. Maserati Tipo

Surprised by none of this. lol


ford f-150 raptor 2017 and ford ranger raptor 2019

So, you’re a Chevy guy, I see. lol

Mine is the 2013 M-B E63 with more than 1000 hours driven. :slight_smile:

Mine is the 2013 M-B E63 with more than 1000 hours driven. :slight_smile:

My Summer X999 Senna

Winter X999 Senna

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Alfa Giulia FE with around 144.000 km and 920.000.000 skill points.

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1968 Ford Mustang GT: 52,355 mi.