What is your first car?

I know this is very similar to the other thread but whatever. This one talks about your first car. I made a thread about this on the old Forums, and didn’t work out.

I don’t have the age of driving so I don’t have a car.
What is your first car?

It was a 1996 Mercedes E320. Got it from family with 186K miles. Uncle was the original owner. At 201K, cat went out, so that’s when I got my truck

Here she be, the day I took her to pick up my truck. I miss her

Not the actual image of how it looked, but close enough for sake of showing people what it looked like.

, a 1982 Toyota Cressida was my first car. I paid $400 for it, it was every bit a $400 car too… lol power everything but only half of that worked. It ran decently enough, but eventually threw a rod at 350,665 miles. I had it for 6 months.

A 2001 Dodge Durango Sport.
It was originally my dad’s, and it’s also the first car I ever drove.
4.7L V8, 4-speed Auto, 4x4

We just got rid of it a few months ago. Nearly everything on it was broken in some way.
Here’s what I remember:
-There was a nasty lurching noise from the suspension at low speeds and going over bumps
-The frame was in very poor shape
-Almost none of the interior electronics worked
-The power steering had failed
-The front windows were jammed open

well I dont have a pic and I cant copy and paste an pic from bing etc. but my family had an GEO prism '90 (you know the one with the Toyota engine and an GM body and an Plymouth voyager '94
now have an 2002 buick regal which I drive and an Dodge grand caravan 2000, interesting thing is it was the first version of the grand caravan

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86 Pontiac Grand Am SE my uncle gave it to me after he pretty much drove into the ground always overheated even with new thermostat and radiator damn what just cutoff without reason to.

My first car was, you guessed it a 97 Dodge Neon Sport. It was blue, 4 door with a automatic and I loved that car. I put rims on it, lowered it, ricer tail and headlights. I eventual got rid of it because it was having an electrical issue that I could not figure out. I was so sad to see it go and hated that I had to let it go, but it eventual led to me getting the Honda Fit. So I think it all worked out in the end.

Mine was a 1985 Mustang LX (hatch back). It looked almost exactly like this one:

I bought the car with no engine for like $700. Then my stepdad hooked me up with a rebuilt 5.0 for another $800. I only had it for two years. I lost my license for Reckless Endangerment when I was 17. I was clocked doing 130 something mph on the interstate (I forget the exact number, that was a long time ago). The speed limit was 65 back then. I was not a smart kid.

Is that where your gamertag originated from? XD (just playing, don’t go crazy one me.)

lol. I was sober that day, my GT comes from my college and bachelor days :slight_smile:


Would have you wished to drive the Durango on Horizon?

It certainly would’ve been interesting. It wasn’t very fast, but it felt unstoppable. I probably would’ve spent my time trolling the civillians.

First car/SUV was a '87 S-10 Blazer I purchased for $1700. It needed some electrical work done, but other than, it was a pretty good first car. I actually miss it every now and then. Plus, it had the 4.3 V6 which was a pretty powerful engine back in the day. If I would have held onto it and turned it into what I had plans for, it would have been upgraded to a supercharged V8.

Mine was a piece of junk 1991 Dodge Spirit. Ugliest box you will ever see, but at least it wasn’t a Prius. :slight_smile: I got it for free so it wasn’t all bad and it got great mpg. We just scrapped it and I am looking for a job now to get a new car, but I won’t be buying one until I get at least $3,000. But in the meanwhile I will just drive my parents SUV back and forth to college.

This takes me back, first one was a 2000 BMW 318ci. I knew it was never a fast car but it was put up for sale around 6months after I got it when someone hit the side while parked and my insurance gave me a 1.4 ford fiesta courtesy car…and the fiesta was more accelerative than the beamer

1st car = 93 Buick Roadmaster Wagon (parent’s, but “my” car)

1st car I bought = 84 VW Scirocco

My first car is a 1998 Subaru Legacy GT. My dad found it on Craigslist for 1500 bucks. The engine went out two days later and had to buy a new one jdm for 1400 bucks. It’s a nice car and i love driving it. I have plans to modify it with the STI package including seats floor mats and engine. I want to put a Megan spoiler on it and an undercar light kit, and a mono steeering wheel. The old engine was rebuilt after a 100,000 miles or so. It was 2 months out of warranty when we bought it.

Loving Subarus and having grown up Subaru, naturally my very first car was a Subaru.

My very first car was a Subaru Legacy Brighton Wagon.

A friend of mine alerted me to its sale and it was for a very low price so naturally I wanted to check it out but was afraid it would be too good to be true. Turns out, the car had been in an accident and the front end was essentially non-existent.

Luckily it was still at a mechanic’s lot when I bought it so we made arrangements to get the car put back together but with the limited resources I had at the time. The transmission was in pretty good shape so it got fixed up but sadly, it was a terrible transmission and wasn’t able to do much for the amazing car it was in. An Impreza motor with 248,000 miles on it went in because it happened to be in good shape and from another wrecked car on the lot - not a front end wreck. The rest of the front end was rebuilt fairly low budget as well.

Sad thing is, driving up the 405 into Kirkland the car suffered from old motor, terrible transmission, and just general oldness and could barely pull 60 mph up the darn hill. Sometimes it felt like I could walk or jog to my destination quicker than it would take the poor thing to drive there but other than that it was a very good car. I never had any mechanical problems and kept upon maintenance very well.

I used to keep the rear seats down, a pillow and some blankets in the back, and found the back a good place to nap when I had a good chunk of open time in my school schedule (senior year).

Unfortunately, the vehicle was stolen from me after only about 30,000 miles and that’s a story we don’t need to get into right now. What is amazing however, is that the vehicle was recovered 16 months later with 460,000 miles on the odometer and according to the insurance company it was still running strong (I guess that saying doesn’t really work too well with the car) but it ran and worked just fine. I did not purchase it back as I had moved on and really… would you?

My first car was my 68 Camaro SS/RS. My grandpa and I restored it together beginning when I was 8 and we did pretty much everything ourselves. I didn’t drive it to school though had a 99 Silverado Std cab shot box. great little pickup but sold it for a 97 Camaro Z28.

My first car ever was a Peugeot 306 Convertible in Yellow with (behold!) 89HP
Fun car, and because it was designed by Pininfarina, looked great aswell. Sadly one early morning it got rear ended at a red light by some idiot who was more concerned about his girlfriends top than traffic.
Well it lasted ony about a year. That didn´t stop me from getting 3 more until today, and all have served me well. Number 2 was black with the same 89HP 1.6 Litre Engine as Number 1, and now rests with engine and transmission failure because of the distance driven in my garage. Number 3 and 4 though, are still in fine condition and I make sure both make it pretty far. Number 3 is blue with a really beefy and factory detuned 2.0 16Valve 132HP Engine based on the old 306 Maxi Evo Rally car engine and Number 4 is blue aswell with a newer 100HP 1.6 Engine.
I drive them daily and they are even fully capaple winter cars. And even though I own a hardtop for one, Its actually not needed at all, since the convertible roof is fully capable of isolating the car in winter.