What is your Favorite Forza Title and Why?

Forza has been around for quite some time now. Whether it was Forza Motorsport 1 (2005) or Forza Horizon 5 (2021). We had all held some if not all of these games super close to us. What are your personal favorite Forza Title/s and why? (Any key concepts you liked in older titles you miss in the newer titles etc.)

The map in Horizon 1 was great with the roads through canyons in Colorado. The game play was a lot edgier as well with a focus on street racing. The cut scenes were great. Felt like the game had some car culture. Horizon 5 feels almost lifeless with virtually no progression and an uninspiring map.

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Forza Horizon 3 all the way

This game had a gorgeous map, perfect car list, spectacular barn finds, and has many features I miss every day such as custom championships, bucket list, online that works, etc

If FH3 had Eliminator it would be an absolutely perfect game



I started mid way through FH4 release when eliminator was added. I ended up playing that 24x7 and enjoyed it. I then eventually got bored of constantly winning so I moved onto ranked solo and climbed the ladder. Never did make it to grandmaster though. Close but no cigar.

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I have loved every Horizon game and been a little disappointed when something I favor has been removed in a new version. But still loved every new Horizon. FH5 I have hated since day 2 of playing. I don’t even see it as a Horizon 4.5 but a ruined 4. And after looking forward to the game for a year, buying a new xbox and new monitor to get the most out of the game it could not have been worse. And the let’s go hyping of the game did not help… Now waiting for FH6…


So far, Forza Horizon 3, but I’ll be playing 4 this weekend on Game Pass, so keep an eye out for edits to this post. FH3’s map is amazing and diverse, the only problem with it is the lack of elevation. Custom championships are very important to me as I can’t play FH3 online anymore. Bucket lists were nice, the progression was so much better than FH5. And this all is without ever experiencing the online modes, which I hear were also good.

5/11 edit: After playing FH4, it’s a tie between the two.

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Of Forza Motorsport I like 4 the most. It was also the last one I played. It had an amazing car list and still had Tsukuba which I used extensively as a test track for tuning cars. It also had the old Top Gear test track which was cool to finally be able to race on, especially with the actual Liana used in the show!

Of Forza Horizon I really liked FH3 and FH4. It’s a real tie between those two. FH3 had better DLC with Hot Wheels being the most fun. I liked the Lego DLC in FH4 too. There was much more to do and the bucket list (or what it was called) was very challenging to complete.

I hope that the new Forza Motorsport will have a car list that’s at least equally as good as FM4’s. And I hope that the new DLC for FH5 will be at least as fun as FH3 and 4’s.

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I agree Forza Horizon 1 is really high up on the list for me as well. There was something super satisfying about the story and finally beating Darius Flynt

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I don’t have one favourite it’s more bits from one, bits from another. In Motorsport i love the longer tracks from 3, the weather from 6 but 7 probably has the bigger list of cars i like. With Horizon 3 wins in a number of areas it was the last time you could really hear the rain on the car or the wet roads (driving cockpit view). Also best for scenery (in my view) and had the most interesting roads. 4 had the best car list for me and introduced the race blueprint to make up your own routes. So if i could cherry pick from 3, 6 & 7 in Motorsport, 3 & 4 in Horizon they would make up my best FM & FH games.

Forza Horizon 1 was my first Forza game and is still my favorite. It was a near perfect balance between map design, game progression, vehicle handling, car roster and game setting with the festival and story.

Later games have improved on some aspects but never matched the coherency, attention to detail and overall quality of FH1. They always feel like one step forwards, two steps back, especially the games since FH3.