What is wrong with these forums?

30 secs to refresh a page, Forza hub isn’t working, online media seems to be stuffed.
Is anyone else having these issues? And yes i’ve reset my cache etc. This is definitely their end.

Not to mention, triple posts.

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Forum has been like this for probably a month, or even longer.
Forza Hub works for me though.

The state of abandonment. It’s been slow for years and now it’s breaking down.

Like I said before, Halo and Gears have decent, modern forums, why don’t we?


We got Discord,
the best support via ticket system
and last but not least
the best Dev-Team. Yeahhh!!!


Discord is not a good substitute for these forums, especially for those of use who like the topics and replies being organized in threads AND have the ability to look back at solutions to issues, even years later.

Support via ticket system is hit or miss. Sometimes the support comes quickly and with a good outcome. Other times the ticket is either closed without a solution with none of the suggestions even applying (ie tips for computer that do not apply to a console), or not even answered. All this being said, quite a few issues in the past were solved by other users in the Community Support sections, and quite quickly in many cases. Now that avenue is gone.

Best dev-team? not so sure about that. 5 or more years ago I would have agreed with that statement, but not so much recently.

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Oops. You got me. I missed the sarcasm. I thought sure that post was serious.