What is wrong with Fortune Island for me?

I´m having so many things like Speedtraps, Jumps and those new thingy´s, whatever their english name is, that i simply cant do. I can drive through the trigger of it as much as i want with whatever car i want, it just wont start the counter or trigger the speedtrap. May i know why and how to fix it? And as title suggests, only happened on fortune island so far.

Make sure you have notifications turned on in your ingame settings

Uh, what? Which notifications? And if thats a reason, wouldnt that apply to more than just a few on fortune island?

Very weird this issue, make sure your game is up to date, if using Xbox full reboot it ( from menu – restart ) . if still bad, log a bug request with all details ( PC / Xbox one S one X - game standard/ultimate … etc - date )

Make sure you haven’t filtered out specific event types. I’ve had it before where I’ve only turned on street races on my map, if I then go through a drift zone or speed trap, it doesn’t register.

If you are referring to the Trailblazer events, make sure you are driving through the gates with the green side of the banner facing you.

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