What is up with the Rivals Diablo gift?

I’ve seen this mentioned in similar wording in several places on this forum.

Also in October, we’ll have a special Merkur Rivals event starring the XR4Ti race car. Everyone who sets a time in the game will receive a special exclusive car, the 1999 Lamborghini Diablo GTR!
From: https://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postst99214p13_News--livestreams--alerts--and-Calendar-for-FM7.aspx?=

The only thing I had time to do the first night was the Merkur rivals, and beat a series of rival times, so should easily qualify. But no reward has been received. Busted messages again? I know I’ve gotten instant award cars from “post a time” Rivals events before, so why not this time? I also saw someone say it would be received at the “end of the event” like a Bounty Hunter, but that’s not what I read in these other posts. Still another says the Diablo is set to come up in the level-up award rotation along with some FE cars.

So which is it? I didn’t get the reward or notice of award. Will it be forthcoming at some later date? If so, not much reason to take it in the level-up rotation. To say the signals are mixed on this would be an understatement…

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People, me included, got it as a level up, it might still be obtainable that way, even if it can not have been intentional to reward it this way. In my experience, rewards for rival events have always been gifted once the event ended, unlike forzathon rewards. So if you did set a time in the event, if past events are any indicator, you should receive your reward once the event is over.

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I havent recieved my diablo gtr either and it isnt coming up in level up rotation.

You get it when the event has ended and not before

It’s November 1st—09:54AM eastern standard time. I still don’t have the car. Help

Take a deep breath, relax. Wouldn’t be surprised if it took another week

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Have some patience
The event has only just ended …they havent been sent yet
They dont get sent out immediately as the event ends
Give it a couple of days
Most people would have already got 1 from levelling up anyway

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1 week later and still nothing…

I didnt get one either

Yup didn’t get mine and annoyingly I skipped it on level up as I knew it was coming for free…

Wasnt it free in the level up
If it wasnt i never paid much for it

Yeah, I don’t recall if it had any fee in level up, not that it mattered what it cost, so many credits, so little left to spend it on. But at least we can sell/auction this one, unlike the gifted version :grin:

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I believe I got a message to say I got it, but I didn’t get it. No big deal but it would be nice to get stuff they say you’re gonna get.

You didn’t get a message saying you received the gtr, you got a message about another Lamborghini from the drifting bounty Hunter.

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Ah is that right, thank you. That’s why I said I believe, because I wasn’t too sure. I got a few gift messages together, accepted them all, then afterwards couldn’t find the Lambo in my garage, but I also wasn’t sure what model it was… lol. Will teach me to pay more attention I guess.

I have had an occasion or two, where gift cars didn’t go to garage. Twice, forzafb@microsoft.com giftede one of the back. I believe a third time, I never heard back, a fourth time I didn’t worry about it as it was a regular livery, a car I already had. The others were special livery from various Forza RC.

The one I never heard back on was a focus(I believe the Ken block, but in special livery). I got it in 3 accounts, but my main account never saw it in garage. Not a big deal, I seldom use that particular model anyways.

I can pm you later on the particular Lamborghini model that you should have received.

Have the Diablo already been sent out or not yet?
I didn’t receive it yet

It Still hasn’t been sent

Thought it would have been by now

Me neither… and I was REALLY waiting for this car, as I’m a huge Diablo fan.

Keep an eye on your level up rewards I got it there the day that rivals opened. Have not received it as a gift as of yet.