What is the point of cockpit view?

What is the point of cockpit view if the wheel is going to show maxed out rotation when I’ve only used 270 out of 900 degrees of rotation? This is so awful for the Motorsports series. If it were Horizon I wouldn’t even mind it. However, it basically renders cockpit view pointless for me because whenever I see the wheel stop rotating in cockpit view, it tells my mind that the wheels have locked up and I’m out of rotation. When in fact, it’s not even close. One of the best aspects to cockpit view (for me) was always race playbacks. I could record a race, and then share it with friends. However, when they watch my Forza videos they always assume I’m playing with a controller. I ask why? And they say they can tell by the way the wheel is moving. The same thing illusion is being carried over to spectators as well. They think you’re cranking the wheel to max rotation in every turn, which is essentially what it’s like to play on a keyboard, or use direction pads. I don’t know , I just don’t understand how this hasn’t been resolved, seeing as it’s Forza 7, and this one of the basic elements of cockpit simulation. If you can’t even get the steering wheel right, what’s the point?


Unless the programmed rotation for the wheel base itself AND the in-game rotational selection match, you will see a different rotation on-screen.

There is also an option (in-game) to remove the steering wheel displaying when in the in-car view.

That’s incorrect. First of all, the game doesn’t even allow my thrustmaster to change the rotation angle in game. It will allow some wheels to change rotation angle, and some it doesn’t. So straight away there’s not even a rotation angle adjustment in the game, I have to use the thrustmaster control panel. That’s fine. The problem isn’t whether or not it matches. The problem is the cockpit view rotation stopping at around 270 degrees. It doesn’t matter what I set it to , it stops rotating after about 180 degree’s in either direction.

I don’t want to remove the wheel. I want the wheel to be there for playback. I just want the wheel to display what it’s supposed to… you know like every other motorsports game in the history of motorsports games. I’m fairly certain you can pull out ridge racer from SEGA genesis , and it will actually show you correct steering wheel rotation. I don’t know why Turn 10 can’t figure it out in 2018. It’s astonishing.

Oh really? With the wheel properly connected, go into the PROGRESS tab, then OPTIONS. Enter the Controller box, select WHEEL OPTIONS, the (X) for Advanced settings.

You will see a whole series of Categories, then Adjustable Options. Scroll down to the WHEEL ROTATION ANGLE. And match the rotational option you set in the wheel’s control panel when you set it up connected to a PC/Laptop, updating your wheel firmware, etc.

You may want to review the information from Thrustmaster: http://ts.thrustmaster.com/faqs/eng/thr_eng_00144.pdf and also check to make sure you’ve got the current firmware (53.00) installed to the wheel (https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/cat-wheels-en/).

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Fair enough if you disagree with him, but there’s no need to be so hostile.

I drive by the car’s interaction with the track, not by staring at the steering wheel animation. If the steering wheel is distracting you that much, switch to the better cockpit view that doesn’t have it.

I have to wonder: do you also feel the need to tilt the camera towards the shifter to make sure it’s animated itself into the right gear? Would it drive you mad that it appears to be in 4th (or maybe even D!) when it’s actually in 6th?


Not sure if you’re reading what I’m saying or not. I don’t drive looking at the wheel, but it definitely affects me. It also makes playback looks hideous. Everybody who watches my Forza 7 playbacks thinks I’m playing with a controller or a keyboard because of the wheel rotation cap in cockpit view. I don’t even know why this is controversial? You think this is normal? This is the only racing series I have ever seen or played that does this. It’s completely absurd.

I’m stunned this could possibly be a problem to anyone, but here we are. Those sound like some controller prejudiced friends to me.

The OP has a point and if it bugs him he has a right to voice his frustration. I don’t use a wheel but I feel turn 10 happily make changes like mowing the grass in stripes (you must have noticed that over the last few months) but don’t fix fundamental racing accuracies. Wings vibrate, exhaust pipes wobble, steering wheels don’t turn.

Really T10. Sort the basics.

Think T10 have more to worry about that matching the in-game wheel rotation to a wheel input.

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There’s zero feel to driving any car and you’re concerned with steering wheel rotation?

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This is exactly why we have a cockpit view with no wheel. For wheel users…

That said other racing games do this just fine so it shouldn’t be a thing. Even in the telemetry the game doesn’t properly show steering angle correctly.

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Cockpit view with no wheel is a completely different viewing angle. It cuts off FOV significantly and reduces the sense of speed. I want to use the regular cockpit view, and have the wheel in the game display the movement of my actual wheel. LIKE EVERY OTHER RACING GAME. I don’t know why this is so hard for you people to understand. It’s not like this has never been done before. Games that display the correct wheel rotation are the majority. In fact, it’s literally every other racing game I own. Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2, Dirt Rally, Dirt 4, Iracing. Forza is the only racing game I own that for whatever reason will not show the wheel rotation correctly. I can be turning around the slightest of curves in the road , and the wheel will max out and stop rotating in the game view, but I’ve only used up 180 of my 900 degree’s of rotation. Do I need to make a video and show you what the game is doing , that NO other racing game in the industry does? Maybe you just don’t know what I’m saying. I don’t want to use the view without the wheel. I think it looks awful. It makes the dashboard look lower resolution and changes the field of view. You guys are acting like it’s the same exact view, with a wheel delete. And that’s not the case. The cockpit view looks good, the wheel just doesn’t show the right rotation angle and its STUPID.

Ridge racer was never on the genesis so that comparison is invalid. As is most of your argument. Go troll somewhere else!

Surely you’re not asking that question? Seriously… I agree with your points but it does not render it pointless. On a wheel you still get that level of extra immersion you don’t quite get in other views. You feel more in the center of the car and more involved in what the car is doing. In cockpit view you can take all the HUD off if you find it distracting which you can’t really do in other views. You can’t just remove the view and if you don’t like it, dashboard cam is always an option. The wheel only turning 180* isn’t the worst thing in the world. Some cars, Indy, F1, LMP, Formula E etc rarely g past 90* each side when turning.

I’m not disagreeing with you. I actually completely agree. The only advancement Turn 10 have made in the cockpit animation area since FM3 has been better shifting animation and moving parts. I agree that we should have full 1080* of wheel rotation in terms of animation. I also think we do need FOV and POV adjust-ability and I also agree that the cockpit view has been neglected. However that does not render the view pointless.


I’m surprised we don’t have hand-over-hand yet, but then Forza is aimed primarily at the controller. The limitations of being a flagship first-party game…

Actually, it seems a lot to me that this gen will be very much like the 360 and the “ultimate” Forza Motorsport is yet to come, that is, if they iron out all of the inexplicable bugs in the content ported over from FM7. In fact, I’m scared that the cars in FH4 might have the same bugs as in FM7. Hopefully, they don’t.

To give credit where it’s due, Turn 10 did fix some cars from FH3 but the amount that became buggy in FM7 is far higher.

As for wheel support, I know there’s been an evolution in FM7 but we’re not quite there yet. And controller feedback seems better in FM7 compared to FM6 as well.

When I see the in game wheel not matching my controller racing wheel movement it made me think my wheel wasn’t calibrated correctly. That’s how I check it in other racing sims

It’s a bad habit. How the car feels and reacts to inputs is the best way to determine if the calibration suits your style.

As a real life example, when I thrashed around a huracan on the track, the wheel wasn’t my concern. The braking markers and spotting the next apex was. Even in hard turning sections the wheel itself didn’t move a bunch.

Basically everyone’s advice to change views is probably best if steering wheel animation is distracting.