What is the player count for this game?

I might get it,but I want to know how many people play this game daily. Since its cross-play, I would expect most of the population to be on xbox. I like being in games with a full lobby. Im just curious around what the player count is.

Xbox does seem to have the bigger share. While I am on windows, I’ve never had a problem connecting to other players online.

Never had any problems finding or joining a session which means there’s more then plenty of online players. Players do leave and join mid-session though, so I’m not so sure about getting a full lobby, sometimes, players leave when the voted race isn’t to their preference and you get just a few players remaining, but then, you can just leave and join another session as well.

Edit: Forgot to mention that co-op sessions are less popular, so you might have trouble finding or staying in one of those sessions, better to play co-op with friends or clubs. It’s mainly races, drag races and playground games, or if you just want to free roam online.

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Well do you know the player count by numbers? And why shouldn’t I just get NFS Most Wanted for much $5 over this game?

Over 2,500,000 Games sold as of December 2016 So most likely arround the 3,000,000 mark by now. Then add in Mupitle accounts on the one Xbox for Familie and kick it up to over 4,000,000
May be More may be less. Forza will have more percise figures.

Daily players would be about 100,000 plus

If you want to get the game on PC, there’s plenty of people online as long as you keep cross platform play on.

Would the game still be alive when Forza Motorsport 7 comes out?

They are very different experiences.

The Motorsport series focuses on simulation

The Horizon series focuses on arcade

^what he said. Also FH2 is still technically alive online even though this game is out.
I would also expect this game to be online for far longer than FH2 since the game itself is so much better.