What is the meaning of the term "Division"?

I see this as one of the Leaderboard categories, and I can’t make sense of it. At first, I thought it was a term used to describe a particular “type” of car. Then I saw that my Renault Alpine was in the same “Division” as Ford F100 trucks and Willys Jeeps. That’s like chalk and cheese!

So I went looking through the car menus in an attempt to find out what “Division” the Renault Alpine but failed utterly. So then I checked the “Help” system, and that made me no wiser.

I tried searching on “Division” in these forums, and that failed too.

Can someone define “Division” for me?

Cars are assigned a Division which is used in the career Stories of Motorsport races as well as for restricting car eligibility in some Rivals and multiplayer Leagues and Hoppers.

There are also five divisions in multiplayer Leagues which group players by skill but have no relation to the car divisions.

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Thank you very much for all the work you have done to clarify this complexity. My question certainly opened up Pandora’s Box!

I’ve been reading through the links, and links to links, and I think I am getting a grip on it.

Just to test my comprehension, would you please review the accuracy of this statement:-

“The reason I find myself racing against SUVs, trucks and off-road vehicles when I drive my 1973 Renault Alpine A110 1600s is that I have chosen a car which is not assigned to a Division.”

EDIT:- I’m thinking this Alpine would feel very comfortable in the “Classic Compact” Division. Looks like I should dump the Alpine and pick up an alternative from that list so as to keep the Escalades at bay. That’s sad. I’ve loved the Alpine ever since I found it in GT. It’s a sweet car in FM6.

If you mean that the leaderboard shows your Alpine listed among trucks then that would be because those cars don’t have an assigned Division. If you mean that you’re racing your Alpine in an event with opponents using trucks, that would be because the event does not use Division as a restriction, and the main restriction on the cars is probably Car Class. If an event is limited to Class Must be A, then any car of any Division (or lack of one) can race in it if the car’s Performance Index is in the right range.

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Thanks again!

Now I understand that if I want to exclude trucks, I need to choose a “Division” which does not include trucks and I therefore can’t race using a car that has no assigned Division. That eliminates the Alpine, which is sad.

Now I’m wishing for a user-definable “Division” as a workaround for this design decision.

In a private multiplayer lobby that you control you could change the car restrictions to a maximum weight or year, which would eliminate most trucks. That option isn’t available in Free Play.