What is the "Forza Horizon 3" hub?

For the Deluxe and Ultimate owners (but not standard) it lists the "Forza Horizon 3 Hub " as one of the perks (like the car pass, all-star, and VIP).

What is it, and how would it be different than the standard Forza hub?

Is it a app for the xbone or phone?

If it’s the same hub, why give it a different name ‘&’ say it’s a perk?

Just wondering, so I’ll ask the Forza hive-mind.


He obviously knows about the hub. He’s asking why it’s listed as a feature for everything but the standard editions.

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Just curious why it was named the “Forza Horizon 3” hub. Why not just say “Forza hub”?

In addition, why add it as a feature for Ultimate and Deluxe editions, but NOT standard, if it’s free anyways.

Granted, I may be reading into it more than others that are unaware. But it’s listed, and worded, as such, hence the question.

Ps, good work with the demo. It looks incredible and ‘SOUNDS’ spectacular! (It did crash on me the second time I played it (opening gameplay), but I’m not to worried.

I pre-ordered it the day it was made available, heck I even doubled down on my MSFT investment. Should be a great fall and winter session!

Keep up the good work and don’t let me (all of us) regret saying that…
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I was wondering that also. I preordered the Ultimate Edition and I saw that also. I thought it was the Forza Hub, but it was not available for the standard edition.

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I’m glad someone else saw it…

I really believe they meant “FORZA HUB” and not "FORZA “HORIZON 3” HUB. but the way it was listed and worded begged the question.

Someone in advertising over hiped it to the point it became something new and different …