What is the differences between Forza 4 and horizons???

I never heard of that game until this site. Is it worth having if you have Forza 4?

And what are the big differences between 4 and 5???

Just curious.

To me, if you want to just build a car and drive it, horizon is the game for you. There is no tuning and a smaller selection of cars. And the development team is different than forza so the graphics are a little different.

horizon takes the basic physic’s and fundementals of the motorsport series but gives it that need for speed vibe.

it’s a great game if you can get past its not motorsport 4. if you could find it under 20 i’d say its worth it. tons of stuff to do and keep you occupied but i perfer forza motorsport 4

Nailed it.

Forza 4 and Forza 5 are Microsoft Studio’s console driving simulators. They are structured racing on closed tracks. Forza Horizon is an open world, arcade-style driving game. Forza would be more of a game for automobile enthusiasts due to the fact that building, tuning and painting cars is as much a part of the game as racing, where Horizon is a bit lighter on customizing features and easier to play for a wider range of people.
You can get Forza 4 and Horizon pretty cheap since the Xbox One was released so you can get your money’s worth out of the games. Turn 10 may or may not continue the monthly Rivals events and don’t expect any new DLC for either game, but you can still get some play out of them until Microsoft pulls the plug on the Xbox 360.

I hope they don’t pull the plug for a while. We just got it over Christmas this year.

When the X1 was revealed Microsoft stated that XBL on the 360 will be supported until at least 2016. After that it’s unknown…

forza horizon street racing
forza 4 real life professional racing on real race tracks
also forza 5 does not have any unicorns, FH and FM4 do

but that is good that they will keep it going till 2016

Yeah, good news about 2016.